3 Zodiac Signs Can't Commit To Love On April 30, 2023, During Moon Trine Jupiter

The appeal to a relationship is lost on these three zodiac signs.

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On April 30, 2023 we have three zodiac signs who can't commit to love, during the Moon trine Jupiter transit. Every now and then, we get to that place where we recognize something very important about our love lives: that we really don't want what we don't want.

While that may sound banal or obvious, there are specifics here: we find ourselves in situations where there's a 'next move' scheduled to happen, such as commitment or marriage or living together, and before that happens, something clicks inside us, and let us know that there is no way in hell that we can let it get to that place. During Moon trine Jupiter, on April 30, Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius will experience such a revelation, and it will hit hard. When we can't commit, we just can't commit, and today will make us know that in no uncertain terms.


The transit Moon trine Jupiter places a heavy emphasis on freedom and independence. Because it's a Moon transit, the concept of freedom is both mental and physical; we aren't up for locking into anything on this day, let alone a love relationship.

This doesn't touch the fact that we want and enjoy love and that it certainly does have a place in our lives; what this transit brings out in us, however, is the idea that while we do want love, we aren't ready to commit ... just yet. Perhaps that day will come, but we'd rather see it happen naturally rather than jump on in because it's expected of us to do so.




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So, on April 30, 2023, this last day of April, we might be telling someone that we're just not ready, which may break someone's heart. We can't help it! Nobody wants to break anybody's heart, but we must be truthful, right? Three signs of the Zodiac will honor their truths today because that's the only way to go during Moon trine Jupiter.

Three zodiac signs who can't commit to love on April 30, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


You can't commit not because you are afraid of commitment but because you know yourself and remember what experience has taught you. On April 30, you might find yourself in the position, once again, where the love in your life is asking you for something you may not necessarily want to give, which is, of course, your commitment to them. While Moon trine Jupiter is in the sky, you will feel very strongly about sticking with your gut feeling, and that feeling, right now, is telling you to pace yourself and not to get overly involved just yet.

You may love and respect this romantic interest very much, but you are also wise and able to take a step back so that you can see things clearly. What you'll see during Moon trine Jupiter is that you are not ready and will not make yourself do something you're not ready for.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)


You know all about commitment and monogamy, and while this may be right up your alley, you aren't sure you want to sign on for all of that right now. During Moon trine Jupiter on April 30, you will want to go at your pace, despite the pressure put on you to commit by your present partner. You aren't about to fold to the pressure, as you know what commitment requires, and at this point in the game, you can readily admit that you are just not ready for this kind of heaviness. Maybe later, but not now.

You will be honest and upfront with the person who wants your 'name on the dotted line'; it will then be up to them whether they can handle waiting for you. You own your power, and right now, during Moon trine Jupiter, you know who you are, and that is a person who must remain free from commitment. Right now, you follow your own drum. 

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


You have let the person in your life know what you're all about, and you did it right at the beginning of the relationship. Still, this person has figured that, by now, you must have changed your feeling somewhat, but that doesn't mean that you have. On April 30, you will remain the same person as you were when this love affair began, which means you are just as uninterested in commitment as you were back then.

During the transit of Moon trine Jupiter, you will be very adamant about your truth, and it will be up to them to accept or reject it. If they feel the need to pressure you or push you into being someone you are not, then you will know that it might be time to move on, away from them. You are truthful from Day One; it's up to them to either get the point and deal with it or move away from you.

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