3 Zodiac Signs Quit Waiting For Love On April 27, 2023, During Moon Opposite Pluto

Time to move on.

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Today, three zodiac signs quit waiting for love on April 27, 2023. What makes for a very interesting day; we might feel very adamant about 'something' but in truth, we are reacting to another, deeper feeling that we don't want to look at. On April 27, 2023, we have a transit known as Moon opposite Pluto, and at its core, it's all about personal dissatisfaction and how we react to that feeling.

We may feel impatient with our lives during this transit; we may want extreme change or we may want to beat ourselves because we're not in the place we envisioned ourselves to be, but the kicker here is that we aren't going to address this feeling directly — we're going to call in other issues and place all of our aggression on to them.


How this works on this day, during Moon opposite Pluto, is that if we are, for instance, tired of waiting for personal change to just 'arrive' and make our lives better, we will apply that frustration to our love lives, as an example.

We may be tired of waiting for 'something' to happen, and because we know on some level that making a thing happen is really on us to do, we'll take it over to something we can't control ... like having someone miraculously fall in love with us, out of thin air. Because we are frustrated with our lives and cannot take responsibility for that, we will turn to our love lives to deflect the blame.




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In other words, during Moon opposite Pluto on April 27, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius will give up on waiting for their love lives to kick in. It's the perfect excuse: I'm sick of waiting for love.

Once we say this, we feel freer because it's easier to give up on waiting for love than it is to do the psychoanalysis of looking deeply into ourselves for answers. Blame it on love. During Moon opposite Pluto that's what we will be doing. We're going to quit waiting because somehow we believe that it's actually about love, not about personal growth.


Three zodiac signs quit waiting for love on April 27, 2023:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Today is the day you make it official: you are over waiting for love to happen to you, and as of now, you are out. No more waiting for love, no more false hopes and that is the key to all that's going on with you, on this day, April 27. What you've done is narrowed your 'false hope' down to one topic: love and romance. It's easy to blame it all on this because to look deeper than that would be to open up Pandora's box and that is something you are not willing to do at this point in your life.

During the transit of Moon opposite Pluto, which happens on this day, you will feel somewhat overwhelmed by emotion, and you'll want to dial it down, because if you let yourself 'go there' you feel it will swallow you up. So, today, you will focus on the love you do not have. To make yourself feel better about things that have nothing to do with love, you'll put all of your blame on love ... and oddly enough, you will end up feeling better.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

On April 27, you will conclude that finding true love in this lifetime is just not in your lucky stars, and while you may feel you've put in the time, being that nothing good has come of that effort, it's 'time' to get out while you can. You may have deeper issues that you've chosen to bypass during Moon opposite Pluto, simply because you feel you can only handle one issue at a time.

So, today you decide that the issue is love. You aren't satisfied with your love life, and you honestly do want to be happy and enjoy whatever life you do have, so you'll decide to give up on love, altogether. You are aware that love may find you once again and that all might just be dandy in that department, but for now, you feel more comfortable taking control. You are about to give up on love and that makes you feel better Libra.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

The days of waiting for love to save you are long gone, and yet, you've always kept it in the back of your mind that there's somebody special 'out there' waiting to step into your life. Even though you might even be with someone right now, you know they are not the person for you, and that is because you fully recognize that you are hoping for an ideal, and ideals are ... fantasies.

During the Moon opposite Pluto transit on April 27, you will translate this feeling as strength; you want to be the one who controls your life and your emotions, and the only way you can get a handle on anything is by taking the reins and being the one who drives your chariot. You are no longer waiting around to be 'saved and spared' by love and romance; it's now you who is in control of your destiny, Sagittarius.


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