3 Zodiac Signs Find Their True Love On April 24, 2023

The week begins on a romantic note for three zodiac signs who find love.

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Today, April 24, 2023, is a very special day because three zodiac signs find their true love. We have the incredible good fortune of having Sun conjunct Node as our most influential transit of the week. When we talk about Nodes in astrology, we're basically looking at how we get from point A to point B.

Symbolically, the South Node is our starting point, and the North Node is where we're going. In terms of love, romance, and long-term relationship, this is the kind of day where we are able to see our entire life set up for us, which also implies we know where love fits into all of it. On April 24, if our destiny has it that we have true love, then it is on this day that we will find this true love. For three zodiac signs, all this fantastical talk becomes reality.


Before our eyes, we see what we believe to be our destiny, our path. For those of us who have always believed we would 'end up' here or there, there's something to that kind of thinking, and so much of it really and truly does work out the way we envision it because we affirm it with continuous positive intention. We find our true love today because we always knew we would.



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This true love is no superhero; they are simply another human being. They don't need to have a sign on them that says "better than everyone else" because they're not better than anyone else. However, they are OUR true love, the one meant for us.

For Taurus, Cancer and Libra on April 24, is going to present that person to us, and we will know them when we see them because we have been waiting for this person all of our lives. The real superhero here is Sun conjunct Node. Lay down the red carpet.

Three zodiac signs find their true love on April 24, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

It's not a too terrible idea to have it be Taurus season AND to find your true love, would it, Taurus? Today, April 24, puts you at the heart and soul of all the good luck you could imagine, and it will be on this day, during the transit of Sun-conjunct Node, you know exactly who your numero uno love is because they will make it quite obvious to you.


This could be someone you already know, even someone you're already involved with, but there's going to be something that happens today between the two of you that will make you both stand back and say, "Whoa!" That 'Woah' is going to show you both that what you have together is not only great, but it feels ... destined. You are not just compatible, you are practically epic; yours is a story that will go down in the history of your lives together. Good for you, T!

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You feel as though you've paid your debts to the cosmic bank of dreams and hopes and on this day, April 24, 2023, you will finally feel as though you've been 'heard.' It's as if the universe finally got around to your file and has decided it's your turn; the love life is now ON, and why not supply you with the perfect person ... the true love. That is what's happening today, Cancer, and whether you can accept it or not, it does seem as though you're in line for some superior good fortune where your love life is concerned.


You are going to be gifted by the transit of Sun conjunct Node, which is coming to your rescue, just in time, so do not give up now. You've always known that you'd find your true love, so don't doubt it when it happens, because according to the universe, you're up. Come to the front of the line and get what's yours, Cancer.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Because you like to make sense of your life, you want to know exactly how you are going to achieve this lifelong dream of yours; the one where you find your true love and you live happily ever after with them. Well, as we all know, happily ever after is an ideal state of mind that comes with its upside and its downside; what you need to understand is that it's the person you spend time with that makes it all worthwhile.


On April 24, 2023, during the fortuitous transit of Sun-conjunct Node, you will come to realize this person has been in your life all along, and that, now you're ready to let go of ideals, the idea of spending your life with someone whom you find to be awesome-beyond-words is not a possibility. If you don't look for perfection in a person, you may just find that the next best thing is also the BEST thing. Prepare to meet your mate, Libra.

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