3 Zodiac Signs With Second Thoughts About Love On April 14, 2023, During Moon Square Uranus

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zodiac signs second thoughts about love april 14, 2023

One of the things that gets really scary when we're heavily involved with someone romantically is the idea that...what if we don't really like this person as much as we thought we did? What if we somehow got ourselves in too deep, and now that we're 'stuck,' we're starting to get second thoughts about the whole operation? What if we made a mistake and are on the verge of freaking out over it? Well, hello, Moon square Uranus. On April 14, 2023, this transit will bring those thoughts front and center, and we won't be able to escape what goes on inside our minds.

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This is a dangerous time because we might not know what to do with our feelings once we start thinking we might not want to be with the person we've just signed on for, body, heart and soul. Today brings up the idea that we may have done the wrong thing by ourselves, and the next move will be to if we really are hesitant, and if so, what would our next move be? Scary times!

Three zodiac signs with second thoughts about love on April 14, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

For you, Aries, Moon square Uranus means sudden changes in home and family life. This could easily become a breakup, and it is especially difficult for you to handle because you value the stability of what you believed to be your romance; this relationship was the glue that held you together, and now, you're starting to wonder if you still feel the same way about the person you are with.

You'll be tempted to run, as you won't know what to do with your feelings during this time. You don't want to ruin things, but you don't want to live a lie. You have second thoughts about the entire thing, which is highly disturbing. It's time for you to step back and contemplate what's happening. Search your soul for real truths, but do not act rashly or impulsively. Think things through.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

April 14, 2023, will not be an easy day for you, Scorpio; it will probably feel like an emotional roller coaster. The transit Moon square Uranus will shake you to your core, as you will notice something upsetting, and that is, you aren't quite sure if you love the person you are in a fully committed relationship with. The deal was, after all, to love each other until death do you part, but...what if you can't maintain that?

You will have some very harsh feelings today, most of which will be aimed at you. You may feel like you are about to do the wrong thing or are on the verge of hurting someone who has apparently trusted you with their heart. But you can't feel what isn't there, and on April 14, you may realize that...there's nothing there.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

What you always thought might happen is about to happen today, April 14, 2023, because the transit Moon square Uranus will make you second guess yourself on a certain topic. That topic is whether you are fully invested in the person you are in a love relationship with. The truth is, you don't know. You certainly do ENJOY them, and their presence in your life is pleasant enough, but do you really want the whole kit and caboodle, as it's said?

As an Aquarius, you probably don't want it, as something like a fully committed romantic relationship may not be your thing. Still, you got yourself in this mess and said 'yes' to everything. On the other hand, you're a human being, which means you can make mistakes. Today focuses on that mistake and whether or not you can release yourself from it or whether your second thoughts about this person are just a temporary phase.

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