4 Zodiac Signs Relationships Grow Stronger The Week Of April 9 - 15, 2023

Be in the moment.

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For four zodiac signs, relationships grow stronger the week of April 9 - 15, 2023. Regardless of what wounds are calling for the gentle salve of healing, no matter what new idea you must bring to fruition, be here this week, be in this moment. Life moves faster than you can imagine, let alone plan for. Things swirl and deliver you to a place of realizing that you are overlooking the very thing you used to pray for.


There will always be thieves of joy, but usually, they rest in your own unsettledness as you resist receiving joy and happiness. Love should not always be about what mountain to climb next but instead an inner focus on yourself and what you choose to put your time and energy into.



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As the week sets off with Venus, the planet of love shifting into Gemini, your mind is overworking with the new ways of thinking, decisions and even options that exist. It seems like the world is your oyster. Yet, the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn reminds you to take only what is necessary. To release some days or the never-ending stream of all that is not right so you can enjoy this moment right here. This moment is perfect because you are in it.

Relationships grow stronger the week of April 9 – April 15, 2023, for four zodiac signs:

1. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Love is truth, yet sometimes the truth changes what love really means. An openness is arriving this week just in time to remind you about the power of truth and the choices you make because of it. As Venus arrives in Gemini, casting light on your romantic life, you will have a better understanding of how the decisions you have made have shaped the reality that you are living in, as well as those you need to make to shift it into something new and different.

Do not be afraid to go for great. You are always searching for how to bring greatness into every aspect of your life; the last thing you should ever do is settle for good enough in your romantic relationship. Yet sometimes you do it because you crave something solid and sure beneath your heart. Things can always be improved, but they do not happen by themselves. Instead, it comes from you peering down that lens of truth and being transparent about what you see. Do not be afraid to admit what seems harsh or too challenging to fix because that is precisely what you are meant to see so that you can.


To improve your relationship, you must understand why it is worth it, believe that there is something so unique about this other person that it can never be duplicated, and then be willing to release whatever prevents you from stepping into a greater place of healing. Gemini represents a duality between your soul and human and between your wounds and healing. Sometimes the wounding relationship your human chooses is because it must learn before it can receive. It must work through what hurts so healing can be brought to it, but once you can fully see and understand the truth, you owe it to yourself to act from your new place of understanding because to improve your relationship — you first must heal yourself.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You deserve a love that feels like home. But you also deserve a home that inspires you to live life big. To be free to change who you are, to change your mind or even just to try something new. Sometimes, it is not your partner that makes you feel like you cannot, but your own inherent beliefs about who you must be to be seen as good and valuable. You have been on a journey recently to discover more about what lights you up. What feels like it is part of your own purpose and what you need from life to feel truly fulfilled beyond a relationship or family. All of this is a very tentative first step for you as you begin to care for yourself in the ways you do for others, which inspires you to keep growing to that next new level.


This week though, you must own the beliefs that are yours instead of thinking that your partner truly does not support you. Open space for honest conversations about this new phase of your life that you are in and how much you genuinely need their support. Be true to yourself about what it is you need from life and allow vulnerability to seep through whatever walls you have recently erected to keep these new dreams safe. It is okay to say that you are scared. It is okay to be uncertain or to feel like you are walking around in the dark trying to figure out your next steps.

But by being honest with your partner about how you are feeling and what you need, you also allow yourself to create a deeper level of intimacy with your partner instead of projecting your own fears onto the relationship. Your partner cannot fully support you in all you are trying to grow for yourself if you do not involve them in it and are honest about what you need from them. Take a risk on the person that you love this week and let yourself trust them with your deepest dreams – you just may see that you are closer than you had imagined or even feared.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)


There is nothing more than you love that deep physical intimacy, except talking about it, which is precisely what will start to dominate your relationship. As Venus moves into Gemini, activating themes around transformation and sex, with the Last Quarter Moon occurring in Capricorn, your conversations will center around change, rebirth, transformation, and intimacy, especially of the physical variety. There has been a substantial change in how you think and even use physical intimacy within your romantic life.

Instead of thinking that this is where your value or the core of your relationship is, you are instead seeing it as a bonus. As you have come more into what it is that you are worth and what you need from a partner, you have become more choosey in terms of how you intimately connect with your partner. Not only is this ending the rollercoaster of emotions that you sometimes experience in relationships, but it is also allowing you to have more of your own needs met. While you love physical intimacy, you also crave the simple, secure moments of love.

This new attitude is creating the space for deeper connection within your relationship as well as a healthy new chapter in love. You may need to advocate for yourself more this week when it comes to what you truly need from your partner and be honest with yourself about the place that physical intimacy has. Many times it is the emotional intimacy that needs to be built before you can fully let yourself go with someone. As Capricorn Moon helps you to bring more grounding to conversations, you will be able to communicate all of that to your partner. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable with what it is you really need because it is that which will end up improving the relationship for both of you.

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4. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

The sky is the limit right now to improve your relationship. You must determine how you want to reach it. There is a lot of overall satisfaction in your life right now as you feel greater joy in both your romantic and professional life. While you have been working to achieve something for a long time, it feels like recently, you have finally reached that space of feeling like things are finally coming together.

The joy you feel in your life, the connection, and even your own value in your career has exponentially increased recently. But the question is, are you allowing yourself to fully receive it? Do not be so quick to look at the little pieces around you that may not fit where you hoped because you cannot see all you have created. Things in life will never be perfect or all align, but it does not mean there is reason enough not to embrace what you have been working towards.


Whether it is that things came together differently than you imagined or even that there are new things to strive for, this moment that you are in now holds all that you need. This is where your focus should be in the week ahead. If you are always on the search for greater perfection, greater fulfillment or even success, then you are going to end up missing the magic that you have created here at this moment.

Make sure you are utilizing words of affirmation with your partner this week to let them know just how grateful and happy you are with what you have created because this will make all the difference. Then instead of feeling like there is always something to focus on or fix, if there is, you can embrace working on it together as a couple. The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn sets the stage for you to release or let go of those pieces attempting to steal your joy to finally embrace the happiness you have always dreamed of.

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