3 Zodiac Signs Have Friends Who Ignore Them On April 5, 2023, During Mercury Sextile Saturn

No one seems to care.

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On April 5, 2023, we may see something odd in our friendships. Because we have the transit Mercury sextile Saturn, we are looking at a deep desire for quality conversation with people of like-minded interests. While all that sounds mighty fine, pursuing this kind of high-level communication may not be readily available to us, making us wonder where our friends go.

During Mercury sextile Saturn, we will notice that nobody else seems interested. At the same time, we're all high and mighty with topics of interest and a great desire to share stimulating thoughts. In fact, for some signs, it might even feel as though we're being ignored. Ignored by our friends? What is this madness, and how did it happen so suddenly?




What's really going on is that if we are of a certain zodiac sign, we may be hungrier for great conversation than anyone around us is actually available for. In other words, nobody has time for us today; for some reason, we might take that personally. It's really just a transit coincidence that we are raring to go while nobody has time for us; it's one of the universal moments of bad scheduling.


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We may find it a cosmic joke, but the reality is that just because we are chomping to express ourselves on this day, April 5, 2023, it doesn't mean our friends will stop what they're doing to hear us out.

Zodiac signs whose friends ignore them on April 5, 2023:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Mercury sextile Saturn might make you feel you are being ignored by friends today, which might even extend to family members. April 5 may put you in the greatest of moods, and when you feel happy, you feel like sharing. You've got a ton on your mind, Virgo, and when you feel inspired, you want to go out and celebrate with good friends. You have so much you want to share on this day, and all you really want is a good time.


Mercury sextile Saturn makes that good time a little hard to come by, as it seems to distance you from everything and everyone that you want to have something to do with. It's like you'll check your mic and ask, "Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there?" And all you'll hear in return is white noise. It's not that you're really being ignored today; everyone is booked solid.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

The irony of today's transit, Mercury sextile Saturn, is that it inspires you to pay more attention to your friends and reach out to them to show your interest in them, their well-being and whatever it is that has drawn you together. Ironically, THEY will not be around to receive you, as they have what you'll believe to be 'more important plans.' On April 5, you'll have a bit of an ego-burn as you start the day so well-intended, only to discover that nobody has time for you. Well, that's not fair! Here you are, all ready to be the greatest friend in the world, and yet, none of your friends seem to notice that you're alive. The kicker for you today is not to take it personally; this is Mercury sextile Saturn at play, and it has the tendency to flip things upside down for a while.


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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

When Mercury is sextile Saturn, it is generally believed to be a favorable time for communication, learning, and building solid foundations. You may be inclined to contact friends today for meaningful and constructive conversations. When you get in a good mood like this, you expect a return on your investment, and during Mercury sextile Saturn, on April 5, 2023, you'll find yourself alone and ignored.


Well, how the heck did that happen? You wake up feeling smart and decisive, and all you want out of the deal is to share some profound thinking with good buddies, and here you are with zero buddies to share with. Oh, that still exists; it's not like they were vaporized, but it may be hard for you to think otherwise on this day. Nobody wants anything to do with you, and while it most definitely is NOT personal, you probably will take it that way.

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