3 Zodiac Signs See Huge Improvements In Their Life This Week Thanks To The Rare 5 Planet Alignment

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5 planet alignment improves life for 3 zodiac signs march 2023

This week, five planets align in a single row, and you can see them all without a telescope. While this is an unusual moment in astronomy, this celestial event is particularly lucky for three zodiac signs. This event is so lucky for Aries, Taurus, and Pisces that they will see huge improvements in their life this week. It's like the universe put the cherry on top of our celestial sundae, starting March 29.

We have lucky Jupiter in Aries, sitting between Mercury and Venus. This planetary trio brings luck to communication and love. And as if that's not enough goodness, Uranus, 'the Great Awakener,' is centered between Mars and Venus, paving a path for amazing opportunities in love and luck. 




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The positive energy started today, during the First Quarter Moon in Cancer and it lasts until the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn on April 13. 2023. To find more, read on to discover how Aries, Taurus and Pisces get the greatest unexpected turnaround in their lives — for the better.

Three zodiac signs starting March 2023: 

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You are in an incredibly potent time for luck as Mercury and Jupiter, both in Aries, align with Venus in Taurus, Uranus in Taurus, and Mars in Cancer. Mars is your ruling planet so you will be even more affected by this transit. As a natal Aries with Mercury and Jupiter activating your first house of self, this is a time, to be honest with yourself about what you are craving in your life, as it will intimately lead to the abundance you seek.

In your zodiac sign, Jupiter has been and will continue through May to bring that sense of expansion and luck to your life. Specifically, you can expect this regarding new employment opportunities as Taurus energy rules your second house of value, representing how you feel about yourself and your financial wealth. Understanding what you love will help you align with your purpose, attracting greater fulfillment and financial abundance. With Mars in Cancer activating your fourth house of home, there may also be some positive opportunities within your domestic life that may also create that abundance you seek. Stay open and honest about what lights your fire; it will always lead you to your greatest luck.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

This is a magical alignment for you as it fuses together the energy of your first house of Taurus, which governs yourself, with that of Aries in your twelfth, which rules over all aspects of your subconscious. Venus and Uranus are currently in your zodiac sign, which means a push toward greater personal security. Yet, it cannot be at the expense of what you genuinely love or feel passionate about. This will help you discover your inner purpose, leading to financial rewards, specifically once Jupiter enters Taurus in May.

Right now, though, as you are feeling such an intense push to honor yourself, Aries, specifically with Mercury and Jupiter aligned there this week, you will be able to excavate those hidden desires are truths that you may have overlooked in the past. You may have often talked yourself out of following through on an idea or dream because of the risk it felt like it would involve. However, under this alignment, you will be infused with a greater sense of security and confidence, allowing you to embrace your deepest desires and truths and finally take a chance to create and follow your purpose.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You already have everything you need to succeed within you, which is precisely what this week’s alignment will show you. Mercury and Jupiter in Aries are in your second house of value, reminding you of your worth and helping you create the financial abundance to manifest those deep-held dreams. As it does so, Uranus and Venus are in your third house of communication, allowing you to align love and your words to create greater stability. Whether they are conversations with a friend or partner or even as part of a career, you can enhance the overall abundance within your life by speaking up with love about the change you want to create.

You may find that this week's planetary alignment brings romantic rewards as, in addition to Venus and Uranus lighting up your third house of communication, Mars in Cancer accentuates your fifth house of joy and pleasure. The fifth house also rules marriage, commitment, and children, so the abundance you create this week could very well be in that relationship which adds immense value to your life. Once again, proving who you have beside you will determine where you go.

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