3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On April 2, 2023

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best horoscopes for three zodiac signs on april 2, 2023

Today’s energy brings the gift of thought as Mercury in Aries sets the tone to think more clearly, letting yourself discover the answers that have been there all along. Early in the day, the Leo Moon will trine Mercury in Aries, giving you intellectually a powerful mind and making you more readily able to learn and discern new ideas and information.

Mercury in Aries excels at producing innovative ideas and perspectives, making this a powerful time to use your inner knowledge to find answers, make plans and even figure out what you really want from your next chapter. You are within the month-long energetic portal between Aries New Moons, representing an intensified time of new beginnings.

Taking advantage of days like this, when you will be a quick thinker able to grasp the logical and rational, you can seize those important downloads and moments of clarity benefiting yourself and the process you are within. While embracing your emotional truth is an important part of any decision-making, there will be, at some point, a moment when you need to think through things and make a logical decision or plan. But to do that, you need to be in the space where your mind is working at its highest capability, and that is precisely what today’s energy will bring.

Although Mercury in Aries begins this wave of clarity and logic, as the Moon shifts into the detail-orientated sign of Virgo during the morning hours, it will continue your ability to think critically and feel more empowered in trusting yourself. Virgo is an earth sign known for healing, rational and detailed orientated thinking, perfectionist traits and the ability to ground itself.



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The Moon governs your emotions, but when in Virgo, it helps to provide order to feel that, at times, can seem overwhelming. It is as if astrology today provides you the space to connect the dots and finally pull everything together to see the bigger picture of meaning. In the afternoon, the Virgo Moon will create a positive sextile to Mars in Cancer, continuing this helpful influx of energy.

Each day has a different theme and energy, so even if you had not originally set aside time to reflect on things in your life or even plan for a specific event or change, it could still be beneficial to seize this and make the most of it. The Virgo Moon and Mars in Cancer continue your ability to think rationally and support healthy and positive communication within your relationships.

Not only will this help with the bigger themes in your life right now, but it also can help heal your relationships. With Mars’s recent move into Cancer, emotional connection and expression have become the priority, yet the grounded energy of Virgo can help bring any recent strains together.

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Whether it is in love or career, today is the day to lean in and give yourself to see that the answers you have been seeking have been right inside you the whole time.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on April 2, 2023:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Today's Moon in your sign will help you organize matters involving your first house. The first house of your natal chart represents your sense of self and your beliefs, which govern the structures of your life. The Moon in this part of your chart can help you understand more of your own emerging feelings and thoughts that you have had, specifically when it comes to matters of your social circle, as Mars in Cancer will activate matters of your eleventh house.

In this part of your chart, Mars is causing you to be more social and outgoing than normal, along with seeking new relationships. It might be that the answers you are looking for are regarding your changing ideals about what signifies a friendship or even reconciling that you need more in your life. This should open up new and exciting experiences, and you will feel more logical and grounded about what you decide.

2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

The Virgo Moon falls into your seventh house of relationships making this an excellent day to reflect on recent romantic themes within your life. As a Pisces, you think with your heart; however, because Virgo is your polarizing sign, it offers qualities that can bring greater balance into your perspective. As much as you have mastered unconditional love, being able to logically think through things and plan when it comes to your relationships is a crucial step.

The Virgo Moon will oppose Saturn in Pisces today, also giving you some challenges regarding your beliefs about life and what you have been moving through in your relationship. However, later in the day, as the Virgo Moon creates a sextile with Mars in Cancer, your fifth house of joy and pleasure will be activated, bringing in some positive results for whatever journey the day has brought you on. The more you understand that you must take your brain when you fall in love, the more satisfied you will become.

3. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Ever since Mars moved into your sign, you have felt greater passion, urgency and even conviction about advocating for yourself and even acting on what you are most drawn towards. This is because Mars is in your first house, which governs your own self in terms of what you want, need, and believe. Today as the Virgo Moon creates a sextile with Mars in Cancer, it will activate your third house of communication, making this especially powerful for you.

Virgo rules this part of your chart, while Mars has you centered on what you want and need. Because the third house is all about thinking and speaking and the Virgo Moon encourages logical, pragmatic thinking, you can seize this energy regarding whatever has arisen recently. As a sensitive water sign, you do not always speak up for yourself or talk about how you feel simply because you are so worried about what others are feeling. Today you find a greater balance within this and grant herself permission to think through things more helpfully and communicate what needs to be said to start that process.

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