3 Zodiac Signs Who Refuse To Change For Love During Sun Sextile Uranus On March 6, 2023

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zodiac signs refuse change for love march 6, 2023

Whenever we get into a relationship with anyone, be they friends or lovers, we know we will have to compromise sooner or later.

Sometimes we have to make allowances for the things the other person either can't help or cling to desperately enough that they won't change, or we feel we have to release our stronghold on controlling every single thing.

The nature of relating is sharing, and sharing means compromise. There's no way around it; we either share or we control.



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We have a curious transit on March 6, 2023: Sun sextile Uranus. What this transit wakes up in us is a need to stick to our own set of principles.

While we recognize the need for compromise in a relationship, we also feel like maybe we've started to forget who we are in some attempt to please the person we are with. Uranus energy is a total wake-up call, and its message is: "Remember who you are."

We may allow for change here or there, but during Sun sextile Uranus, certain zodiac signs will realize that they don't have to give it all up just because it's 'love.' This is too much if we end up sacrificing our true nature to adhere to someone else's guidelines. Compromise is fine, but compromising one's integrity is not.

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And on March 6, 2023, during Sun sextile Uranus, we will refuse to change for the person who demands change 'their way.' Love is good, but self-love is everything.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Refuse To Change For Love During Sun sextile Uranus on March 6, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Today, the Sun will shine down on the idea of you being pressured into changing your ways to please the ego of the person you are romantically involved with. Whoa, that's a lot to comprehend, so let's break it down. During Sun sextile Uranus, on March 6, you will realize something that's been inside you for a while; you are not on board with being controlled.

What has been presented to you by your partner as something you need to do to 'better yourself' is now known as 'something you need to do to make them happy.' Nothing in this radical change suits you, as you are thrilled to go on 'as is.'

It seems your partner is somewhat of a control freak, and rather than speak freely to you; they go about demanding change via passive-aggressive methods. You are not ready to become their project and don't need them to 'save you from yourself.'

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

During Sun sextile Uranus, you will have a strong sense of right and wrong, which will show up in your relationship today, March 6, 2023. While your partnership has been running smoothly for a long enough time, you've noticed that it's also starting to slip off into territory you aren't comfortable with.

What we're referring to here is that your partner now feels familiar enough with you to want to change you, as if this is something you should naturally warm to. While you've both been very progressive and open to change and growth, you have noticed that your partner has become pushy and demanding; their change has started demanding you to 'catch up.'

But you are not them, and you don't need to catch up, nor will you ever want to. You are living YOUR life, not theirs, and when they pull this kind of pushy routine on you during Sun sextile Uranus, you flat-out refuse their offer. Your life, not theirs.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

All is good in the hood until your partner presents you with an offer you can't refuse: change for them. They need this, that and the other thing to feel secure with your love, and while at first, this may sound funny to you, during Sun sextile Uranus, you'll discover that they are dead serious.

They may love you but not accept you as you are, and while you are willing to compromise, you are not willing to become a different person to fit into their standards. You will not accept this person's sudden desire for change, as you don't believe you need to compromise.

If they can't love you for who you are, then what's the point? If you overhaul your personality, you will do it because you want it, not because it's a prerequisite for someone else's comfort. Nope.

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