The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Break Up During Saturn Square Uranus On November 26, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Break Up During Saturn Square Uranus On November 26, 2022

So, you want to break up? That makes sense, as November 26, is a day full of challenges for three zodiac signs who have finally arrived at that conclusion.

Today brings us Saturn square Uranus, which can be good or bad, depending on what you want to get out of this breakup.



Do we wish to stay friends with the person we want to break up with, or are we content to do this the hostile way, where everyone walks away with their heart crushed and their dreams destroyed?

Sounds bleak, eh? It's not. It's just Breaking Up 101.

We love, we get familiarized, we resent, and then...kablooey: we break up, and during Saturn square Uranus, we actually do stand a chance in doing this in the kindest way possible.

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Today allows us to break up in a friendly way, and even though many of us might not be feeling too friendly, we can recognize that if this must be done, then it can be done amicably.

Oh yes, it can. Believe it, because if you don't, you're not going to have a good time at it. Stay positive, even while ending a relationship.

Saturn square Uranus is the astrological transit that gives us that chance to get out with dignity.

We may even be able to remain friends with the people we are breaking up with, and while that might not be the number one most desirable act on this day.

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It will be nice to know that what happens today is not built on hostility or a need for vengeance, but that it is happening due to irreconcilable differences, that's all. We accept we act, and we move forward.

The three zodiac signs who want to break up during Saturn square Uranus on November 26, 2022:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

It's not as if you got into this relationship so that eventually one day you could 'hopefully' break up with this person, but then again when has life ever gone in a predictable way for you?

You're at the breaking point now; your romance is barely romantic and the relating part of the relationship is just about dead. Your feeling right now is 'why bother?'

With Saturn square Uranus at your back, you don't see this breakup as a big tragic event; you know you'll both get over it.

It's not a day for celebration, but it IS a day to recognize truths. 

And, the truth of the day is that you and your partner have not been getting along for a long time now and you both have suggested to each other that, maybe this love affair isn't working. You'd be right.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

What pushes you over the edge today is the same thing that's been edging you closer to the edge for years now, and it's something your partner says to you.

There's nothing different here, nor are they saying anything that's even slightly offensive to you, but it's the idea that they are THERE, being THEM, and as time has shown you, THEY are not really what you want in your life anymore.

It might be hard for you to step out of this relationship without hurting them, and honestly, you don't want to hurt them.

You still do love them; you just don't want to 'be' with them anymore and that brings you to a harsh decision that will be made today, under the influence of Saturn square Uranus: today is the day you make it real. Today is the day you break up with the person you've been involved with for a long time.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

The day has arrived and you knew it could come to this: you are about to break up with someone. They know it's coming too, and they do not agree that it has to go this far.

But you know best and that's because you are the only person who knows what makes you happy, and during Saturn square Uranus, you will feel very in touch with what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. 

Today lets you know, in no uncertain terms that you have been very unhappy with the relationship you somehow got yourself into.

You feel dragged along by the tides as if you don't have any control over your own life, and the power that lies in Saturn square Uranus wakes you up so that you can see that, yes indeed, you do have the power to right the wrongs of your life, and that starts today, by breaking up with the person you believe drag you down.

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