The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Commit During The Sun In Sagittarius Sun Starting November 22, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Commit During The Sun In Sagittarius Sun Starting November 22, 2022

The thought of someone not wanting to commit to anything too heavy, during Sagittarius Sun probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone, as Sagittarius is basically the sign of independence.

This first day of Sag will hit us hard; we will feel this Fire sign's symbolic meaning all the way to our bones, and this could lead us onto the path of non-commitment.

During this time, we simply do not want to solidify relationships or make promises that we cannot keep.

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And while 'keeping promises' is what makes up a good, solid, committed relationship, it's not the ultimate desire for many people. This is where we separate into two factions: those who need commitment, and those who flee from it.

For those who are not interested in locking ourselves down for the sake of another person, this first day of the Sagittarius Sun should have us running for the hills...just to feel unencumbered.

We don't want to commit, and we won't commit. It's that simple. Sag season holds the torch for us as we own the sentiment.

In a world where all anyone ever talks about is how we're supposed to find a mate and snuggle up to them for life, it's hard to be the individual who wants none of it.

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Then again, being that individual is perfectly Sagittarius in nature, so if any of this even remotely resembles you, then know this: on November 22, 2022, you will want nothing whatsoever to do with commitment and possibly with romance, as well. Not today!

The three zodiac signs who can't commit during the Sagittarius Sun on November 22, 2022:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

While you recognize that within yourself you have a great desire to be in a couple of situations, you also know that you have a strong independent streak, and for some reason, everyone you've ever been in a relationship with ends up resenting you for your individualism.

This has made a dent in you; you feel hesitant about committing to a new person because you really don't want to be disappointed again, nor do you want to disappoint. At this point, you'd just rather keep to yourself; you aren't lonely and you are very adept at being alone.

During Sagittarius Sun's first day out, you'll trust in your own gut feeling more than ever and you will know that, while you may be a loving and caring person, you're not committed relationship material...and that's just fine by you. You do you, Gemini.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

When it comes to commitment, that's usually a thing someone else requests, and not you. You aren't the one who suggests that you and a partner join up for life; they are. You are guilty of accepting the challenge, so to speak, and that's how you've learned that in the long run, committed relationships really aren't your thing.

You've gone along with the crowd; you've done what was expected of you, and all you got out of it was a sense of falseness as if you were an imposter living out a life that wasn't yours. That might seem a bit existential, but that's how you feel when you agree to things you don't feel natural about...like commitment.

During Sagittarius Sun, you'll want to be upfront and honest with whomever you are dating; you do not want a commitment. If they can agree to what you want, then all will be well, but there will be no more lying to yourself about what you can or cannot do, in the future. You know who you are.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

It's your first day in your season, Sagittarius, and as it stands, you are always reliable the same: you know who you are, what you want, what you don't want...and it's your way or the highway. You love being you, although being you don't always fit into another person's ideal for relationship material.

People fall in love with you all the time, and you are worthy of every ounce of that love, but you are not about to settle down with anyone. It's not in your nature to commit, and when you have in the past, the results have been disastrous.

You will take this time today to own your nature and thrive in the person you are. You, more than anyone else, know what it's like to adore freedom and to choose it over people. During Sagittarius Sun, you will be doing just that, once again. Ride on, Sagittarius.

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