If He Sends These 20 Mixed Signals, He's Not Relationship Material

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Perhaps the worst part of the modern dating scene is how flighty everyone is. Relationships aren't seen as sacred anymore — too many people are on the lookout for something better instead of stopping to appreciate and nurture what they have.

Whether you're just dating, in an "almost relationship," or a committed relationship, getting mixed signals is frustrating.

When you're ready to be with someone and give them your whole heart, you don't want to spend the time trying to decipher what someone means when they seem to say one thing but do another. Relationships are hard enough as it is without having to worry about whether someone wants to be with you or not.

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We hate being the bearer of bad news, but chances are if he's sending any of these confusing mixed signals he's really not ready for a relationship.

1. He won’t let you move on but doesn’t want to be with you himself.

2. He texts you instantly after you post that hot selfie on Instagram.

“Hey, stranger!” CLASSIC.

3. He finally texts you back after three days of no response and hits you with the “I’m sorry I’ve been really busy” excuse.

4. 99% of the time that you’re with him he’s engulfed in his cell phone while but will take his sweet time with replying to your text messages when you are not.

5. He’ll send the “what’s up” text late at night but doesn’t answer when you respond in the morning.

6. He makes plans with you on a regular basis, only to cancel them shortly after.

7. He’s brutally inconsistent and will pop up at the most random times possible.

It’s almost as if he has a sixth sense when you’re doing fine without him, and that’s when he crawls right back.

8. He’s active on Tinder, Bumble, plenty of fish, etc. but acts as if he wants no part in such nonsense.

Because in his mind, he doesn’t need a silly dating app to get laid.

9. He only communicates with you on Snapchat or other silly forms of social media.

Phone calls just don’t exist anymore.

10. He will tell you how much he misses you and boasts about how badly he wants to get together soon but is always way too busy to follow through.

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11. He acts like he isn’t interested in a relationship, but won’t let you be happy in one with anyone else.

12. He suddenly decides that he cares deeply about you when he sees you getting attention from another guy.

13. He claims he’s not ready for a relationship but will act as if you are in one.

So, basically acts as if you’re his girlfriend, but won’t claim the title of your boyfriend.

14. He becomes insanely jealous of any guy that even breathes near you but is totally free to do whatever the hell he wants.

Which is a double standard at its very finest.

15. He won’t talk to you for days, even weeks at a time.

And then he suddenly resurfaces eventually and plays his absence off cool as if were no big deal. He hits you with the “how have you been?” text.

16. He is constantly talking about his ex in hopes of sparking a jealous reaction from you.

17. Even if you haven’t initiated the “what are we?” conversation yet, he claims that you’re way too eager to make things official.

18. They are constantly asking you to send nudes even though they’ve seen the real deal in person.

19. He has an excuse for just about anything and everything under the sun.

It’s almost as if he has them stored in a file in the back of his brain waiting to be used again.

20. He tells you he “isn’t looking for anything serious” one minute, but he says just enough to keep a glimpse of hope lingering above your head.

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