The 3 Zodiac Signs Who See Heartbreak During The Moon Square Pluto On November 6, 2022

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who See Heartbreak During The Moon Square Pluto On November 6, 2022

These are precarious times, and what's meant by that is, the end of the year tends to bring about high emotions for many people, and that makes us vulnerable.

This is the season for endings; some are to be celebrated, while others are just simply sad...heartbreaking, even. We have one transit in particular that brings us pause, and that is Moon square Pluto; notorious for breaking hearts and bringing about sadness.

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The heartbreak that many of us will see, feel and live through is not necessarily tied to a breakup or anything that relates to romance...though it's an open season for romances to end, as well.

What we're looking at today, on November 6, 2022, is how certain zodiac signs will perceive the world in all of its tragic beauty; so much potential, and so much of it gone to waste.

What is heartbreaking on this day is not the end of a love affair, it's the end of hope itself.

We see ourselves as people who try; if we try, then at least we can feel as though we did something to help out. On this day, we may lose faith in our own efforts as we bear witness to the loss of so many ideals.

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Our heartbreak comes to us in the form of withered energy; we shrug to ourselves as the inevitable loss of belief sets in. Heartbreak is what many of us will feel today, as we begin the descent into disbelief, lack of trust, and the death of our dreams. While this sounds like pure negative thinking, it's merely a mood; as per usual, we will carry on.

The three zodiac signs who see heartbreak during the Moon square Pluto on November 6, 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

As you mentally wrap up the year, you can't help but go over the events that lead you to this day. It's been a tough year for you, Aries, and there's been almost too much for you to have to accept, yet, you had no choice; life happened and there you were. You know that you have to let something go, because if you cling too tightly to this memory, as you have been, you'll bring it into the next year with you, and you know you don't want to do that.

You cannot carry around this heartbreak 'ad infinitum'. It's just too much, and during Moon square Pluto, you'll give yourself one last indulgence: you'll think about 'them' and what they did to you, and what it resulted in. You won't feel good about this, but you WANT it; you want to feel bad just so you can feel alive. This is your therapy, allowing yourself one last look at the most heartbreaking story of your year. See it, own it, embrace it...and set it free.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You have wondered all year long, the same thought: "How am I going to make it?" Between the cost of living and the hostility of the human race, you have had your heart broken into a thousand-zillion pieces. You don't know who to trust, nor do you trust that there's even a future for you.

You are a hard-working person of great love and compassion, and yet, the world has turned into such a cold place for you, and if you don't find a way to rise above it all, you'll surely be sucked into the void...and that's a place you don't want to go.

During Moon square Pluto, you will have one last pang of heartbreak before you recognize that this has to be an opportunity for you to grow, somehow. You are naturally optimistic and cheerful, so this day may hit you like a ton of bricks, as it is diametrically opposed to everything you want to feel.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You, too, will be feeling the pangs of heartbreak on this day, November 6, during the Moon square Pluto transit, as you can't shake the feeling that somehow...all is lost. While the world still turns and life goes on, you won't be able to shake the feeling today that there's something missing; something nobody can get back. Is it compassion that's gone forever?

What breaks your heart today, Sagittarius? Is it the feeling that humanity itself has taken a turn for the worse? For all the loves you've known and lost, there's nothing quite as heartbreaking to you as the loss of hope, which comes in strong for you, on this day.

You, of all people. You who are known for your optimism and perky positivity; it will return and you will gather yourself together and survive it all. But for now, you will give in to the sadness that comes with Moon square Pluto, as it breaks hearts and sends us on our way.

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