The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Reject Love During Sun Square Moon On October 16, 2022

There are good reasons why.

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You know what? Goodbye to you. Goodbye to you and love and all the things that make life good, bad, and ugly. That's the basic feel for today's antics, provided to us by the Cancer Moon and its Libra sun influence.

Nah ah, not today, Satan. We're not up for your love games. We're not interested in the heartbreak and the passion; we're no longer on board with the fantasy of falling in love, in fact, we reject it outright. No more love. (Not today, at least.)


The influence of a Cancer Moon is one that has us in a state of self-protection; we're not willing to risk it all for love. We want to be safe, secure and on our own, if need be.

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We aren't in the mindset of believing that we need a 'better half' or that being in a romantic relationship is what validates us human beings. NOPE. During the Cancer Moon, we are in protection mode, and as they say in the movies, "none shall pass!"

And it's not that we have a problem with love; love is great, it's just not what's needed right now, and we know it. We are secure in our beliefs; now is the time for personal growth and the love of self.


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Right now, during the Cancer Moon, we PREFER being alone, because we love ourselves and want to be with the love of our lives: ourselves. It's OK to love yourself. Did you know that? Did you know that the greatest love of all really is the love and respect one has for their own self? Think about it.

The three zodiac signs who reject love during the Sun square Moon on October 16, 2022:

1. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You may have learned the hard way, but your experience taught you that you don't really need to be with someone in a romantic relationship in order to be a fully functioning human being. You are an active member of the human race, and you bring your creative forces everywhere you go.


During the Cancer Moon, you feel all the more powerful and independent because you know that for you, it's better to be 'out' of love, than in it. Being in love gave you pleasure and pain too much pain for words, and so you've decided that it's best to simply set aside thoughts of love so that you can go through this life with a light heart and a lot of self-love.

You reject love not because love is bad; it's just not for you at this point. Maybe another day, or maybe not. Let's put it this way: being part of a couple is someone else's concern, and not yours. At all.

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


You tried. That's all you can say at this point. You went down that path, you fell in love and you took it as far as you could, and stopped mattering. Perhaps love was just a passing phase for you, or perhaps it meant the world to you.

All you know now is that you feel jaded and annoyed by the idea of love and if you have the choice, which you do, you'd rather just pass on the stuff. Love is for someone else, someone with dreams and fantasies, and you'd rather not waste any more time wishing, hoping, and praying for all of it to deliver you the goods.

The goods never showed up, and now, you are way too tired to hang on to a dream that was created in your youth. What you're interested in now is peace and self-love. You want to be able to trust yourself and say 'no' to love for now. It's better this way, Capricorn. Love yourself, respect yourself and live your life your way.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

There's only one reason why you reject love at this point in your life, and that is because it doesn't serve you. You are very strict about what you want in your life, and if love comes along with a person, then it's already one person too many. You are intolerant of people's personalities, even though you, yourself are quite eccentric.

During Cancer Moon in Libra, you'll be hyper-protective of both your personal space and your emotional space. You want one thing out of love and that is...perfection. If you can't have perfection, and you absolutely KNOW you can't, then why bother?


You feel that you have all of your needs under control, so why turn to someone else to satisfy them? In your mind, people are not to be trusted, so why bother going so far as to open your heart up to them? You feel safer on your own; love is a threat and it's one that on this day, you flat-out reject.

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