The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Improve During The Moon Square Jupiter On October 15, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Improve During The Moon Square Jupiter On October 15, 2022

On October 15, 2022, there will be many of us who will have come to the conclusion that positivity is the best policy. We've seen how down we can all get when we think negative thoughts, and we've also seen that there are tried and true results that come with positive thinking and affirmation.

While we might not have mastered the Law of Attraction yet, we still can't deny the fact that when we think positively, things change...for the better.



On this date, we will get the chance to put our positive intent to practice as we have the transit Moon square Jupiter to support all positive thoughts. It's almost as if this transit exists just to give us that second chance; we believe, and therefore, we are.

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And during this time, on this day, we will start to shrug off all that is negative and unwanted in our lives. And when we get rid of negativity, we literally make room for positivity, and that is what a few signs of the Zodiac will be experiencing during Moon square Jupiter.

What's interesting are the specifics here...Moon square Jupiter is not just here to expand the love in our hearts, but it is here to expand our personal borders as well, meaning, this is where we really get to appreciate the friends we have in our lives.

This is the time when we pay attention to good friendships, and in doing so, we improve upon them. And it's always good to have friends. Whether it's a bunch or simply one bestie, Moon square Jupiter shines a light on the love of friends and how important they are to us, in our lives.

Three zodiac signs whose friendships improve during the Moon square Jupiter on October 15, 2022 include:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You have put so much effort into doing the right thing by your job and your family, that it's worn you out. Not to say you don't love it, but you are somewhat of a slave to your ideals, meaning, you want a good and well-balanced life and so, you put your all into it. What's been missing is some good old-fashioned time with friends.

That's what you've missed and that's what you plan on working on, as of October 15. To jump-start your journey back into friendships, you have Moon square Jupiter to help you discern who is your friend and who is just a friendly acquaintance.

What you're interested in during Moon square Jupiter is improving upon a good friendship that hasn't really had enough time to flourish. You know who this person is and you don't want to lose them to time and tide; so, you reach out and you show up. It all feels good and right.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Right about now, you could use a good friend. Not because there's anything going wrong, but because you've been so wrapped up in your own thing that you've forgotten what it's like to simply hang out with a buddy. Wow, what an amazing idea...and yet, you've deprived yourself of this simple pleasure for way too long.

You'll be inspired by the positive wave that comes along with Moon square Jupiter and you may end up reaching out to one of your closest friends just to start the momentum up again. All work and no play make you a dull person, right? Well, it's been all work and no play for what feels like forever, and you are OVER it.

It's time to play and it's time to be your fun self again. Ah, what a relief that will be, when you finally come to terms with the idea that you can split the difference between work and play. Play is important, and you're about to get into it now!

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Friends are very important to you, and around this time of the year, you enjoy the idea of getting together with them. Because you've gone through some positive changes recently, you feel even more open to your friends, and this is going to gain momentum as the year comes to its close.

Right now, during Moon square Jupiter, you'll feel good about who you are and that will make you feel more approachable to others. You aren't scary anymore, Libra, and that's saying a mouthful, as sometimes you can be intimidating.

You never meant to be scary, but you are very focused and very opinionated and that has turned certain people off. You don't want that and so you've chosen to improve yourself, and guess what? It's working. Your friendships will begin to feel closer and warmer now, and you'll be pleased to know that you are definitely in the company of good friends.

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