The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Last Quarter Moon In Cancer On October 17, 2022

Time to have fun!

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Last Quarter Moon In Cancer On October 17, 2022 Aline Viana Prado via Pexels

The Moon is half full...or is it half empty? That's the thing about the's always full but it only shows itself in portions. This is how it works for us in life, as well.

We all know that the Moon has probably the greatest influence on us mere Earthlings, and when it's half-time, we too are...'almost there.' This is the time for us to start new projects, make new friends, and dream new dreams. The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer instills in us a desire for happiness, wholesome activities, and trustworthy people to join us in our lives.


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During this transit, on October 17, 2022, we will find that we are open to meeting new people and that we might just end up starting a new friendship on a day like today.

Sometimes this is what happens towards the end of a year; we are thrust into situations where many people gather, and sometimes, depending on the situation, we may encounter interesting people...some of them interesting enough to pursue further relations with.


This is a 'friendship' day and the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer is a friendship transit. It's hopeful and promising, and who doesn't want to make new friends?

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Whether we are social and outgoing, or whether we are introverted and asocial, we still need friends, and new ones are always such welcome additions to our lives. We're not concerned with romance today, nor are we thinking about the state of our love life; nope. Today is for making new friends, and for feeling excited about what that friendship may bring us.

The three zodiac signs who make new friends during the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on October 17, 2022:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)


You don't do well without friends, which is a good thing, too, because you've never spent a day in your life without them. Friends are everything to you, and on this day, during the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, you'll be adding a new friend to your list of many. That's alright with you, as you are the friendliest person you know and there's never a closed door on the idea of making new friends.

You are naturally a party person, so you're not looking for a 'best' friend; you aren't even looking. But you are finding, and that comes naturally because you are the kind of friend that everyone wants in their life. You come through for people and you expect the same. You are also able to take things lightly when it comes to friendships, which is why it's so easy for you to make new friends on this day, October 17, 2022.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


New life, new friends. You are starting something new, Gemini. It's more than likely a work situation...and it pleases you. You finally feel good about change and newness and so far, all this new experience seems to bring you is confidence and clarity. You like it. You like your new job and during the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, you'll be meeting someone who blows your mind with the way they think.

This is not a love interest, and in your mind, you are thankful for that. Now, there's nothing to get in the way of the friendship. You can see yourself having a lot of fun with this new person, especially because they seem to think the world of you. You enjoy being liked. You enjoy having someone new in your life, who isn't automatically pressuring you or telling you what to do. You want this friendship, and should it turn romantic, you will get yourself out of it, fast.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)


Right about now, the best thing that could possibly happen to you would be for you to discover a good friend among the people you already know. You're not looking for anything, not even friendship, but you are feeling rather friendly and when you throw on the charm, you tend to attract everyone.

You may just do that today, during the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, and because you are somewhat irresistible when you turn on the charisma, you may also attract to you someone who totally 'gets' you. This isn't a love interest, oh fact, this is so much more what you need than a lover.

You aren't interested in the 'same ol, same ol' and that's how you interpret love relationships these days. The last thing you can tolerate is being bored, so you leave the boredom to others and follow your gut instincts. Today is for making a good friend. Love and passion can get in line.


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