The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 10, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 10, 2022

Let's just put it this way, if we DON'T have a rough day today, we're the lucky ones here. Today brings the obstacle course; we are going to have a hard time navigating through the day without running into problems.

The real problem, however, is us. We are the ones who cause trouble, try people's patience, and get in our own way. We are at the heart of whatever it is that creates negativity on this day, October 10, 2022.

At the heart of it, all are a few major transits that tend to mess with our heads and pull out all the wrongness in our personalities.

Those transits are Moon sextile Mars and Moon square Pluto. It's hard enough entertaining one of these transits, but having a Mars and Pluto influence at the same time is like being punished for reasons we'll never know. Expect to go to battle today for all the wrong reasons.



So, if we're going to battle for all the wrong reasons during Mercury in Libra, then what causes the wrongness of our actions? Because of Pluto's charmless approach, we will be feeling very sorry for ourselves today, and with Mars as its 'push', we can basically expect to be throwing tantrums and demanding attention all through the day.

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We want people to feel sorry for us, to cater to us and to baby us, and if that's not bad enough, we'll get ourselves into such a bad mood over it all that we'll end up telling people off, as well. We are not good company today, in other words.

Which three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on October 10, 2022?

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You are singularly the worst part of the day, today, and you know it. That's part of why it's such a rough day for you because you simply cannot help yourself. You are totally under the influence of Moon square Pluto and it's not showing your pretty side.

Every now and then, you enjoy this kind of negative indulgence; you like seeing how far you can push the boundaries, and today will give you plenty of strength in that department.

You may find yourself pulling a prank on a good friend who will completely fall for your trick and end up resenting the living heck out of you for doing such a thing to them. Your excuse will always be, "Lighten up, it's just a joke" but the people in your life who have suffered from your 'jokes' are over it and over you, as well.

Do you care? Only in so much as you don't like being 'hated' but if that's the price for being 'so much fun' then you'll deal with the unwanted reactions.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

The last thing you needed was Moon square Pluto to throw a monkey wrench into the machine, and as you watch things fall apart left and right on this day, you'll start to feel worse and worse as the day goes on. Nothing works out today, not unless you've figured out how to escape the nonsense that comes along with a Mars and a Pluto transit lineup.

Oh sure, you can try to concentrate on the good things in your life — and you should, however, there are people in your life who simply won't be satisfied unless they find a way to ruin your day.

And you, Libra, who have an enormous capacity for patience, may find that your reserves have tapped out. You are going to blow, today, Libra, and that means you are going to lose your temper to such a degree that whoever witnesses this display of raw emotion will fear you from now on.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

If you tend to overreact during Pluto transits, then count Moon square Pluto as your big day for doing just so. Unlike the other signs, you tend to work well with Pluto events, however, 'working well' may mean an entirely different thing to you than it does for others. Today you will be pushing your weight around for the purpose of making people do things for you.

You will instantly be resented for your pushy behavior, which will make you want to push even harder. There's just something about this day that makes you want to overdo it all as if you are there simply to try the patience of those around you.

With Mars as your assistant, you'll delight in the reactions you get, because today has you finding peace in hostility; the more damage you can cause, the better, and that definitely does not make for a good day.

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