The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Moon Trine Mercury, August 8 - 10, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Make New Friends During The Moon Trine Mercury, August 8 - 10, 2022

It's easy to make new friends and find like-minded people during Moon trine Mercury because this transit tends to make communication flow freely and easily.

We're not in the mood to snap at people this week, nor are we on the prowl for dissension; we're happy to be happy during the start of the week, which is a rare thing in itself.

During Moon trine Mercury, we will find that we have things in common with people we've just met and that those commonalities may be the beginning of new friendships.

We're not worried about locking in love partners, and the last thing we have in mind is hoping our date likes us. Nah, we're keeping it platonic and easy, and because of that, we will find success.



How nice it is to just sit and chat with someone whom we discover has so many interesting things to talk about. How novel, and refreshing! Finding new friends happens during Moon trine Mercury, and the way we'll know is through conversation.

One good idea may lead to many, and before long, some of us will figure out that the person we are engaged in this awe-inspiring conversation with is someone who is destined to be a good friend of ours, possibly for years to come.

If we are fortunate enough to meet that person, know that the connection is cosmically blessed as we do well with friends and the making of them during Moon trine Mercury. Carry on!

Which three zodiac signs will make new friends during the Moon Trine Mercury on August 8 - 10, 2022?

Read on to find out.

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You've always been a very friendly person, and during Moon trine Mercury, you'll be on your best behavior, which will attract friends your way. It's true that you can be hard on friends, and that, in the past, you've been stubborn or selfish, possibly even a little too brutal when it comes to giving your opinion.

However, you're also brainy and you've come to understand that friends are precious and to have them in this lifetime is a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted. You are now in the company of new people and you might have found a friend amongst them.

This pleases you and puts you to the test: will you cherish what might become a very special friendship, or will you put this new person off to such a degree that they may not want to venture further? You have an opportunity to make a great new friend, the rest is up to you, Aries.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Friends are everything to you, and there's nothing like the feeling of getting together with like-minded folks who seem to have the same sense of fun as you do. Because you are quite social, you put yourself into situations all the time where potential friends may show up, and from August 8 - 10, 2022 during the Moon trine Mercury, you will know instantly that one of the people in your group is going to remain a very good friend of yours for a very long time.

You can just feel it, and it feels good. You're not looking to spar with someone or start fights; you want the good stuff, only, and that's all you're looking for in a friendship. In one group that you're in, you'll notice that there is someone who reaches out to you and engages you in some super-interesting conversation. That's the one for you, Aquarius. Go with it!

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Friends are people whom you cherish with all of your heart and soul, and while you pretty much feel like your friend circle is already filled and complete, there's always room for one more, should you happen to find someone of that fine caliber.

This week has you engaged with one such person and you'll notice that the two of you are exceptionally compatible; hey, this could be the beginning of a brand new and awesome friendship. You work well with the energy that comes off of the Moon trine Mercury, as you love great conversations and deep thinking.

Moon trine Mercury puts you in a great mood, and when you're feeling happy, you attract people who want the same kind of happy buzz. Enter: a new friend. This one's a keeper, Pisces. Nothing pleases you more than the idea of someone new to share your life with.

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