The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Sunday, July 31, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Sunday, July 31, 2022

With our Leo Sun trine Jupiter in Aries, we're looking at a fantastic sense of self-developing in many of the signs of the Zodiac.

We feel lucky and ready to take that feeling onto the streets. That sense of self-esteem will be working for us in a big way today, in both business and pleasure.

And because we are also privy to the influence of the Virgo Moon sextile Venus in Cancer, the day should resemble something like this: a great day outdoors and a romantic evening spent at home.

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That great day outdoors? It may be a social event that we've been invited to, somewhere we bring our romantic partner to or possibly the place where we meet them for the first time. There is no 'bad luck' today in this regard. If we try to 'have a good time,' we will manifest nothing less. We are powerful in that regard today, but the power revolves around positive thinking, so keep that in mind.



The Moon sextile Venus is what caps this day off as special, something to be cherished. Days like this are possible every day but rarely happen with such good timing. Let's see it this way: today, we have the potential to create for ourselves one of the best days we'll have during this summer of '22. If we stay positive, we'll receive even more positive energy. What we give, we receive on this day, and the way things look, the main player here is Love.

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Here's why on July 31, 2022, these three zodiac signs are the luckiest in love.

And what makes Sunday so special for Aries, Cancer, and Leo.

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

If all goes well, you'll have today to yourself, and you'll be able to choose what you want to do with your free time. This time, of course, will go to being with the person you are either interested in or in love with, and the time spent with them is going to be so much fun and so filled with promise and delight that no matter what stage of development this relationship is at, you'll be left with a feeling of hopefulness for its future.

As the day comes to a close, you'll spend some quality time at home, as the Moon sextile Venus seems to be drawing you into the most comfortable space it can find. Tonight may have you and your person in the kitchen cooking up something delicious; sharing chores and preparing food is part of the plan for today. You will notice that it's quite easy to get along with your partner and that love seems to pervade the air.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

While you love a good outdoor experience with the person you love, nothing feels quite as good as that tired feeling of plopping down on the couch with them after an active day in the sunshine. It's the perfect summer day for you, Cancer, and where love is concerned, it all seems to be going your way.

Because you've been feeling so good over the last few days, you've acquired a new sense of self-confidence; you don't come off as afraid of anything, making you seem very appealing to the person you are with. They love this new version of you and are there to support your desire to keep your self-esteem going. Today gives you the feeling of wanting more of the same; more happiness, more love. The days of feeling blue may be over once and for all. Take the good vibe and run with it, Cancer.

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You may not be in a relationship, though you'll likely start one today, as love is pouring in on you, thanks to your signs trine Jupiter in Aries. Whether with someone or not, today will put you in the spotlight, where you'll receive some very positive attention. You may even find yourself swooning over the ego boost you'll be getting, and don't worry, it's all real, and it's all part of the fun that is slated to happen on this day.

So, if you are looking for love today brings you a better chance than any other day. And, if you are already in a relationship, then you can expect your love to grow on this day. The best part of the day will be during the evening when you and your date-partner-spouse look at each other with love in your eyes. Everything will start to make sense at that point, and you will enjoy the rest of the night. Have a delightful evening, Leo.

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