The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Monday, July 25, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Monday, July 25, 2022

Today, we are in the presence of a transit that inspires us to do our best with whatever situation we are handed: Venus square Jupiter. Generally, this is a positive transit and can work well in love and romance. Still, its main 'push' is all about getting past our own inhibitions and personal mental obstacles.

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Say, for instance, you are a person in love; you want to do good for your mate, but you know there's something inside you that holds you back.

If you don't come to terms with it, you may just lose out on the love you want from this person, so today brings you the opportunity to take that leap of faith. Today puts us in touch with what we need to get over to have a full and loving life.

Venus square Jupiter, which also happens to fall during Moon in Cancer, brings out our thoughtful side; we think before we speak, and we make sure our words are sweet when we are with the person we love.

What inspires us to become better people during this transit is the idea that we really do know we want to spend our lives with this person, and if that is the case, then we need to shed our old skin, so to speak. We need to evolve.

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So, luck in love comes in the form of creating one's own opportunities by seeing the signs and acting on them.

Suppose we know in our hearts that we could be better lovers or partners simply by changing something about ourselves. In that case, it is our romantic duty to do so. Venus square Jupiter gives us the incentive to better ourselves in love.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On Monday, July 25, 2022

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Your biggest challenge today is knowing that something is required of you in terms of how you behave romantically and actually do it. It's not that you've become lazy or uninterested; quite the opposite. It's just that in recent days you've been slacking on the romance and falling into the whole idea of 'this is life; why bother putting too much effort in.'

During Venus square Jupiter, you are fully aware that you need to up your love game, and you also know that your partner is worth the effort. If only you weren't so lazy and comfortable.

One thing will come up for you today, and it may come as a surprise: your partner will ask you to pay more attention to them. You didn't think they would ask, but since they have, now the pressure is on; your next move should be to give them what they want. Participate in this love affair; do not take it for granted, as this is a beautiful thing you have here. Embrace it.

2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

With the Moon in your zodiac sign, you may feel like pulling back a bit today, which is probably not what your partner needs to experience right now. You've got a good love life, Cancer, but the one thing you hadn't really counted on was the work it takes to maintain the level of passion and attention.

Venus square Jupiter taps into that part of your brain that makes you realize that you might need to show up for your loved one now and then if you are to keep things going. You love this person dearly, and you would do anything for them ... but those are just words, aren't they?

Here is the day where the words count; you need to back them up with actions, and you are smart enough to heed that call. Come out of your shell and be a part of the love you helped to create. Don't let this love pass you by. Someone is waiting for you with open arms.

3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Venus square Jupiter with the Moon in Cancer has an interesting effect on your love life, Leo: it propels you to do something solely for the sake of the other person in your life. You've come to recognize that this doesn't mean buying yourself a gift and sharing it with them.

No, it means that it would be nice of you to put your partner's needs before you, if only just for today. They love you anyway and will never contest your motives, perhaps making you slack on your responsibilities as the 'other half' in this love relationship.

Today would be a great day to show your person that they are the apple of your eye; they could use the ego boost, and you could stand to do a good deed yourself. Enjoy the love you receive and the appreciation you'll get when they know your intentions are sincere.

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