The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Forgive Their Enemies During Mercury In Leo Starting July 19, 2022

It's time to let go of the pain.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Forgive Their Enemies During Mercury In Leo Starting July 19, 2022 Anna Sokur on Unsplash

If there's one thing that will come up today, due to the influence of Mercury in Leo, it's that we will be making some precise, strong decisions in our lives. We will finally be able to put things into perspective and figure out what our next moves should be. This day is dedicated to 'getting to the point,' which means we've got work to do.

In terms of self-healing, we will put the pieces of our lives together, implying that we will be able to name what bothers us or holds us back.


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July 19 lets us know that we are the ones in charge of how our lives run, which means we have to take a hard look at what we need to do to bring about positive, long-lasting change. Mercury in Leo places the idea of forgiveness into our minds, a thing we may not have understood the value of until now.



Whenever we have a Leo transit, we can expect an upheaval of emotion. We may even feel threatened by our conclusions; change is not always something we wish to dive into, especially if that change is called, 'forgiveness.'


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Mercury in Leo works on this need and tells us that whoever we feel so bitter about needs to be released from our life. If we have enemies, so be it; they are there and living their own lives.

They give us nothing but agitation and anxiety, so why do we bother keeping them alive in our hearts? Forgiveness is the ability to close the door on that chapter of our lives, and during Mercury in Leo, that is what some of us will be ready to do.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Forgive Their Enemies During Mercury In Leo Starting July 19, 2022:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


During Mercury in Leo, you will start to notice something that didn't seem as obvious before; you use the same stories over and over again to entertain people. You rely upon the tales of how hurt you were by this person and how that person did you so wrong that you feel they ruined your life. You get the usual nodding of the head and the faux sympathy from friends who know they need to agree with you as they listen to your story for the 4,000th time.

Someone will bring up the concept of forgiveness to you, and you will balk at the idea, thinking this is something you could never give the person who hurt you so. That is until it hits you: the pain giver is nowhere near you, nor are they even thinking about you.

This one is all in your mind. You torture yourself for what? So you can get sympathy from friends as if they are an audience and you are the crying clown on stage? Oh, it's so worthless, this hanging on to the past. Mercury in Leo jump-starts your healing, and with it comes the real forgiveness.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

All you want is what everyone else wants: a peaceful life with as little drama as possible. However, your actions show that you are unconsciously subverting yourself. You want peace, and let you sink into the depressed state of harboring many ill feelings for the people in your life who have either put you down or did you wrong on some level. When you shut the gate, you shut all the pain on your side, yet you never saw it that way, until today, during Mercury in Leo.

You need to get rid of the heartache locked on your side of this metaphorical gate. That means you have to take action. Your action is to 'put the trash out', which means that you need to forgive the ones who wronged you by putting them out with the trash. This is no longer who you are. You are not the carrier of the pain. You are you. Strong, brave, Libra.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

The day has come where you are able to see who, or rather, WHAT your enemy is, and that enemy is anxiety. What may have started as an inability to live in the present turned into a nonstop reflection of the past and the insistence that the only place worth living in is the future. The future is where you placed all of your hope, and yet, the future is never here, is it?

You need to forgive your tendency to live in another time dimension, and while that might sound obtuse, you know what we're talking about here. It's more than people that are your enemies; your mind is your worst enemy to date, and it's time to give yourself a forever break.


Stop beating yourself up with thoughts; you have overthought yourself into a stupor of anxiety, and that's not good for your health. So, for the sake of your health and well-being, use the power of Mercury in Leo to forgive your worst enemy: your overthinking mind.

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