The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartache Comes To An End During Chiron Retrograde Starting July 19, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartache Comes To An End During Chiron Retrograde Starting July 19, 2022

There's an exceptional transit coming our way, and it's here to stay for at least five months. We are talking about Chiron retrograde in Aries, and it's about to take our pain full circle.

Chiron is known as the wounded warrior of the celestial bodies; its effect on us is always about pain or heartbreak. It puts us in direct contact with our emotions so we can process them for one purpose: to get rid of them.

On July 19, Chiron goes into retrograde in the sign of Aries, which makes this healing and express work.

Nobody wants to feel heartache, though it's not easy to wave a magic wand and have it go away. Emotional pain always takes time to heal, and that's Chiron's job; to make us feel it to heal it.

That is Chiron retrograde in a nutshell. Feel it to heal it. If we don't fully accept what is, then we will never be able to get past it.



Some of us, if not all, tend to hold on to our pain; we begin to identify with it as if pain defines us. We don't want to forgive because that means we might also forget, and if we forget our pain, then who are we?

If we identify with the pain, we know who we are: a person who suffers daily. We subconsciously know that we cannot keep up at this pace and that life is passing us by; we need to heal, which is why Chiron retrograde has come at such an opportune time. This is it, zodiac signs get ready to purge because it's coming.

Three zodiac signs whose heartache ends during Chiron retrograde starting July 19, 2022.

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You carry around so much emotional baggage that you've started to think of yourself as a damaged person. That is truly unfair, as you are so much more than that, yet you've held tight to the pain of the past. Because you identify so much with all of the things that held you back, you've literally stunted yourself emotionally. Your lack of trust may be justified, but it's also a hindrance to your emotional growth.

During Chiron retrograde, you will have one of those 'now or never' moments, which will happen today, July 19, 2022. You realize that you've been selling yourself the same story for years now: you are inadequate, can't hold on to a relationship, and are worthless.

It conflicts with your Aries traits and upsets your sense of self. A decision will be made today, and it will create a safe place for you to look deeply at the effects of holding on to pain. Let the transit ease you into self-healing. That is what it's there for. Release the heartache and give yourself a life.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Chiron retrograde works like a charm for you today and will continue to do so for a while to come. Healing doesn't take place instantaneously, so you can take your time knowing that success is guaranteed.

Yes, you've been hurt and held on to that hurt for way longer than you feel worthwhile. Still, you haven't let go of it because you feel this will require a kind of strength that you aren't sure you have. That's why it's good to open yourself to the universe's assistance.

In doing so, the universe recognizes your desire to be free of heartache and conspires to help you in any way possible. Enter Chiron retrograde, the celestial body whose transit allows us to heal. You are ready, Cancer.

You are not the representative of your pain anymore. You have better things to do with your life than be a walking example of what heartache looks like when it goes on indefinitely.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You crave purity, and while your old self might have laughed at such an audacious request, your present self — which is the only 'true' self — wants to live in peace finally.

You've done your rounds with pleasing others, and while that's all well and good, it's time to draw the line; you need your version of peace, and you desperately need to let go of the heartache that's plagued your life for way too long.

Chiron retrograde has the answer here, and while it may take some time to get to the full healing, today is as good as any to start that engine.

Let the healing begin; it's time to refine yourself in body, mind and soul. Release the toxic behavior that you've come to associate with your everyday life.

You are in charge of how you perceive the world, and if you take responsibility for your actions, you can direct yourself into a place of healing. Heartbreak Hotel charges way too much to live there permanently.

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