The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Better Off Single During Sun Sextile Moon On Thursday, June 23, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Better Off Single During Sun Sextile Moon On Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sun sextile moon is a sort of 'palate cleanser' in so much as it acts as the catalyst for fresh new thinking and a change of pace.

For some zodiac signs, the sense that they are better of single grows stronger on June 23, 2022, and the sun sextile moon transit encourages this feeling.

When we have the sun sextile moon in our cosmic sky, we get a new perspective on an old topic.

While we might not be conscious of it, we will feel like something is being presented to us that we should pay attention to. In this case, as the sun sextile moon falls on June 23, 2022, we will be taking a good, honest look at our love lives.

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Mostly, everyone is guilty of trying to fit in. Even if we are people who don't mind being different, there's a point where we don't wish to be THAT different; we want what others have, and we often do what we think is expected of us.

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And when it comes to love, we go down the same road as everyone else, expecting the same things. This is where we come to realize whether we are cut out for this kind of life, and is there an alternative way to be if one is not partnered off, ready for a life of love and relationship?

Sun sextile moon opens our eyes and lets us feel confident about our way of doing things. Love takes a lot out of a person, and some of us don't feel comfortable taking the road most frequently traveled.

We want to do things our way, and we're not especially thrilled with being called a 'rebel' for it. We're just 'us,' and to grow in 'our' unique way, we must go it alone. During sun sextile moon, many of us will come to the conclusion that at this point in our lives, we are better off being single rather than in a relationship.

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Here's which three three zodiac signs are better off single during the sun sextile moon transit on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You have never once contemplated the idea of not having a lover or a relationship to fall back on, and yet, every time you break up with someone, you fall into this wild space where you feel free and happier than ever. It's as if you've taught yourself to need a person in your life, and yet, whenever you have one, you want them out.

And while you may be an independent spirit, you probably never considered that you're better off alone, at least for the time being. Today, with sun sextile moon in the sky, you might consider an entirely new idea: being single as a goal. Whoa. Purposefully single? Could it be possible? Yes, it could, and it doesn't require you to sign a contract that states you'll be there forever. But a few days, months or years off of the committed relationship status might do you a world of good.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You've experienced being in a committed relationship, and being on your own, as a single person, and you've come to the conclusion that you might just be the perfect candidate for the single life. Now, let's not define 'the single life' as something meant for the person who craves multiple lovers; no, that's not really you at all, Sagittarius.

When you go single, you do it for yourself because you want to spend time in the company of the best person you know: you. It's not that you're too selfish to be in a relationship with someone. It's that you really are NOT interested in them as much as you're interested in you. You come into this world with a lot of talent and imagination, and most of the time, that's good enough for you. During sun sextile moon, you realize something you've known all along: You are much better off single.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You've never even considered what it would be like to be single, not as a reality, but there's a part of you that's just dying to break free from your present relationship so that you could experience just that. With sun sextile moon, you'll be in your head, fantasizing about life without your partner.

While that might not seem fair to them, well, hey, life isn't exactly fair, and the one place we can escape to is our mind. You did everything that was expected of you, and now that you're deeply invested in someone else, you feel like your own personality is disappearing. You don't want that to happen.

This nagging feeling of losing yourself to being part of a couple makes you want to scream in frustration. You feel like you're evaporating, and you start to wonder if maybe you made a mistake. This is common with sun sextile moon as it will shake a person's life up. You know one thing: you'd be better off single and know that that's not about to happen anytime soon.

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