The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Over An Ex During Mercury Trine Pluto On Friday, April 29, 2022

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zodiac signs who get over an ex mercury trine pluto april 29, 2022

It takes time to get over an ex, and no one likes to admit they are stuck on the past because of someone they once loved.

Because now we're moving along with the strength of a Taurus Sun, we feel we can pluck ourselves right out of any negative situation and land ourselves in something better.

And that's kinda-sorta what we'll be doing, on April 29, as some of us stand to get over an ex of ours.

With Mercury trine Pluto, we'll be reliving a few old, cruddy memories and most of that head trip will revolve around an old love; and because these memories will be fairly awful, we'll have even more resolve when we discover within ourselves that we are truly over the ex that was once a part of our every day life.

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We humans like to hold a torch for people we no longer love, simply because it's part of our nature; until we replace them with someone or something that is distracting enough that we forget them altogether, we tend to hang on tightly to the people we break up with, even when we know that we are much better off without them.

And then, that one day hits: we're over them. It happens. And it's usually not even noticed when it does happen, as it's a natural thing.

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On April 29, many of us will be done with our ex. No mental reminiscence, no sweet memory gone bad, no wondering what they are doing just nothing. When it's over for real, there's nothing to talk about.

And oh what a great thing this is, to be over an ex, officially. It's as if the heart finally has a chance to beat freely, again.

Getting over an ex may be difficult, but once it's done, thanks to transits like Mercury trine Pluto, it's a real breath of fresh air for Taurus, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Here's what's happening for the 3 zodiac signs who get over an ex during Mercury trine Pluto on Friday, April 29, 2022.

And oh what a great thing this is, to be over an ex, officially. It's as if the heart finally has a chance to beat freely, again.

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You've been talking about how this person in your life, an ex, really means nothing to you and hasn't in a long time. The more you talk about how they mean nothing to you, the more you show your friends just how attached you are to this person of your past.

It's like you've been obsessed with being broken up with them, and you've used their name as someone to blame all the problems of your life upon.

And then, it clicks: who are they? It seems your time paying the penance of this break up has come to an end; you have no more interest in them, and what cracks you up is that it only hits you today: you haven't actually thought of this ex in weeks, maybe MONTHS? Could it be? Yes, it could, Taurus. You are over the ex, and good riddance in this case. Who needs more of this torment. Certainly not you. Carry on.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

If carrying a torch for someone who is no longer in your life could be a thing you could get an award for, then you'd win the Oscar for your performance in 'Holding On to an Ex for Way Too Long.' There is no one who could sway you off this attachment, and you've somehow made this ex into the superstar of your life.

Everyday you complain about them, and every day you praise them as if they were the only person alive to ever 'get' you.

You have tormented your present partner with nonstop celebrations of this hard time in your life, and everyone in your life is really annoyed with you because you just don't stop.

And then, you do. Because the truth is, nothing lasts forever, not even one human being's attachment to the person with whom they broke up with a zillion years ago. It's going to click today; you can finally let go, Leo. It's real.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Every now and then you like to go over the good memories that you had with an ex of yours, and why not? You spent a substantial amount of time with this person and even though they totally screwed you in the long run, you still can't believe that they are as evil as they seem to be.

You'd like to think they didn't mean it, but that could easily be chalked off as your naïveté taking over, once again.

During Mercury trine Pluto, you may feel the need to let go officially, because there's a good chance you'll speak with that person today, and you'll see in them something you never really saw before: selfishness.

What you needed was what you'll get: an insight into the true ugliness this person shares with you, and, you'll get it. This is not someone you want to celebrate any longer as part of your life. This is someone you need to leave in the dust of your memory-scape. Say good-bye and move on, Sagittarius. The world awaits you.

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