3 Zodiac Signs Who Want A "No Strings Attached" Love Affair During The Moon Sextile Pluto On April 30, 2022

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zodiac signs who want a no strings attached affair on april 30, 2022

One of the things that gets us in trouble when we think about the kind of love we want in our lives is that we're all brought up to think that romantic love means we fall in love with the perfect person and if all goes well, we live the rest of our lives in peace with that perfect person.

This, of course, is how idealism gets into our lives and sets the standard for unrealistic expectations. It's also what gets in the way of our natural feelings; if all we're supposed to feel is some version of perfection, then how do we deal with feelings that are unique or different than what the ideal allows for?

On April 30, we'll be influenced by many transits that can affect how we feel about our own love lives and how we wish to conduct them. And because we will be experiencing Moon conjunction Jupiter and Moon sextile Pluto simultaneously, we may come to want more than what's on the standard 'menu'.

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We might want our love lives to go the way WE want them to, rather than the way the fantasy would have it. And for many of us, love has been an experience that has taught us to think things through before leaping into a serious commitment. 

For many zodiac signs, especially the three mentioned below, we will know that — at this point in our lives — the best and ONLY kind of 'romantic' situation we can get into is the one with no strings attached.

To ask for this is to know one's self; it means that if we've had a love affair in the past that took too much out of us due to the level of attachment it produced, then we know how to hold off on this kind of dire attachment.

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Maybe, one day, we'll return, but as for now, on this date, April 30, these three zodiac signs will prefer to live their romantic lives, semi-unattached and definitely without strings.

Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius want a "No Strings Attached" love affair starting April 30, 2022.

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

If you had your way all the time, you'd always be in a 'no-strings attached' love affair. You aren't the kind of person who wants to commit to anything, except maybe your hobbies and quirky little interests.

As far as love goes, you don't really believe that things of this nature CAN last, so you act accordingly. You think people are fools to believe in everlasting, committed, monogamous love, and so why should you buy into this idealism?

And with Moon conjunction Jupiter to back you up, you feel stronger about being non-committal than ever before in your life. You want the freedom to choose what you do in your life, and you are not about to put your neck on the line for someone else.

You are upfront and honest right from the beginning: "This is what I offer. Take it or leave it, but do not waste my time."

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Time and experience have taught you that the less attached you are to a person, the smoother your life will run, and honestly, you enjoy a smooth-running life. The days of craving drama and intensity are over for you, especially in love and romance.

This isn't to say you're disinterested; you are always interested, in fact, but you're not interested in games, and this has become serious for you. That is why you choose to go by the 'no strings attached' way of life, as it plainly states the borders and boundaries, giving you control.

You feel that if the person you are involved with knows the boundary, they won't need to cross it because they also know the consequences. You aren't playing anymore, Scorpio; you mean business. And you know you can find someone who will agree to these terms. That person is the only one you'll let into your life on an intimate level.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

While everyone around you is crying and moaning over how their romantic partner didn't come through with this, or mistreats them, yada yada yada, you have found the way to live in peace: you establish boundaries in a relationship that are to be respected.

You do not want an emotional gutting, and you are not up for losing your life to love simply because that's what the rest of your friends seem to be into.

With Moon conjunction Jupiter on your side, your freedom-loving Sagittarius nature will be justified and purposeful. You do not do things as other people do, and that's just fine with you because you are living your life, not them.

So, while the world pressures lovers, you back off and do the love thing your way. This means you take your time, you look for people around whom you can be yourself, and should something romantic spring up, you ensure that it comes with no strings attached. At least, for now.

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