The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Become Exclusive During Mercury Square Saturn On April 25, 2022

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zodiac signs become exclusive mercury square saturn april 25, 2022

Exclusivity is so much of the goal between couples that it literally becomes a point on a check list for relationships. Attraction? Check. Compatibility? Check. Commonality? Check. Honesty? Check. Monogamy?

Well, we haven't gotten that far yet...but it's on our minds, isn't it? And this little bit is what ties the relationship up, for good. And exclusivity doesn't always imply monogamy; but it does require commitment and honesty. Romantic couplings can be open, as long as the nuclear couple agrees to the terms of the exclusive relationship.

Becoming exclusive is also a point of contention between couples, and the sooner this topic is addressed, the better. Hearts are on the line here, and if making the relationship exclusive is where it's supposed to go, then get there as soon as you possibly can.

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The less gray area space, the better. This is also when couples need to sit down and have 'the talk.' And the talk is, of course, the discussion of loyalty and monogamy. Are you in, or are you not in?

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For certain signs of the zodiac, on this day, there is no question involved. There is only exclusivity and nothing else. This is usually knowledge built on experience; couples who open their relationships up to the possibility of bringing in other lovers are either completely on board with the idea, or they end up super jealous and everything falls apart.

That's why today is for communication. Do you want a monogamous, exclusive relationship? Then demand it, or let it go.

Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the three zodiac signs who become exclusive during Mercury square Saturn on April 25, 2022.

1. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

If anyone was on the fence about calling the relationship 'exclusive' it was you, Capricorn, as you weren't ever really sure you could 'do' monogamy. You're so flirtatious by nature, and rarely have you not gone through with your flirtations. You feel as though you were put on this Earth to fulfill your fantasies, and yet, now that you're in a relationship with someone you really care for, you're considering the idea of exclusivity.

What harm could it do? It's not as if you are required to be in everybody's bed for a roll in the hay? You like the idea of being with one person; I guess you could say you're finally growing up.

And once you start getting into it, you'll want it no other way. Love does strange things to people, and you, of all people will come to know this on April 24, when the monogamy button gets pushed in your life.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Generally, you're not into exclusivity — until you are, and here's the thing: you had no idea you were capable of such love, or possessiveness. And it's the latter that's going to have you demanding a serious 'exclusive' relationship with the person you're involved with.

That Moon square Uranus vibe is all over you, and it's making you paranoid and jealous; this must be avoided! Jealousy is exactly the thing you despise in yourself and though you'd never admit to it, if you don't get your partner to sign, seal and deliver a vow of faithfulness, you'll spend the rest of your life feeling like a jealous, suspicious fool.

So, cut to the chase: use this day to talk it out with your person. Come to a conclusion sooner, rather than later. If exclusivity is what you want, then it must be that way, or nothing at all.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 10)

This is a topic that needs no discussion, in your book. You either live in trust, knowing that your relationship is both exclusive and trustworthy, or there's simply no relationship to be had. You let your mate know this right at the start; you want monogamy.

You don't want to be kept up late at night, worrying whether your partner is cheating on you or not. You want all truth, 24-7, and this kind of complete transparency only pays off if nobody's getting into bed with another person.

Point blank: there will be no extramarital affairs, and if the other person is caught with a lover, that the end of that. You are blunt and straightforward, and on this day, if you haven't said this in super clear terms for your partner to imbibe fully, then get on it. You want this — they want it, now make it work permanently.

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