3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Rough Horoscope On April 5, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Rough Horoscope On April 5, 2022

There is one major transit that will affect us today, and that is Venus entering Pisces. Venus in Pisces brings out so much sensitivity, and so much desire for love, that it puts us in a very precarious position; if we are with someone we love, we want more, and if we do not have someone to love, then we feel bad. It's just that easy. Venus in Pisces is good for some and heartbreaking for others. And today, we will be concentrating on those 'others' and how they fare through a transit that's meant to bring out our vulnerable side.

We're in Aries season, so all transits come with a tinge of hardheadedness, meaning, we can be stubborn and aggressive in our actions. So, when we have a day like today, April 5, 2022, which comes with Venus in Pisces, we're looking at a day of strong feelings. If we feel bad, we feel really bad. If we feel good, we feel great.

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Venus in Pisces is cruel. It makes us want love, and love is not always there for the one who wants it. Pisces energy makes it all feel so much worse, as we're doubly sensitive to our surroundings when influenced by this planet. Put the equation together and we have 'love + nobody to love = sadness'.

Let's try not to go overboard today. We may want to jump right into that sad, weepy feeling, but we have to know that this too shall pass. If possible, try to consider the love of self as a suitable alternative. Nothing in the world like self-love. Try it, you'll like it.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On April 5, 2022:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You are not one of the folks who are lonely for love, in fact, you've got plenty of it coming from all sides of your universe. You are adored, admired, and possibly even worshipped; your friends think you're the bomb and your family believes in you. You're basically set up for life, except there's one thing missing: someone you can trust.

Yeah, you might be in a relationship now, and you might be calling it a love relationship, but today's going to grate your nerves in that department. Because if there's one thing you really can't stand, it lying to yourself, and that, my friend, is exactly what you're doing. And today, April 5th is the day you admit that that is what's going on in your life. You are lying to yourself about love, and during Venus in Pisces, you'll feel it to your core.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

This is the day that your dreams come back to haunt you, and by dreams, I mean expectations of what you believe a happy life looks like. You thought you'd be in a different place in life, at this point, and you're so far from where you imagined yourself to be that you feel lost. You really did try, and today makes you feel like everything you've ever done has been in vain.

It's not, Libra — don't let yourself go so far off track that you start to become depressed. You have every right to believe in your dream, and if it hasn't panned out as you thought it would, then so be it. Life goes on and you can still experience joy and bliss. Don't let today's 'great expectations' bring about plummeting disappointments for you. It's just another day with another transit, and you'll get past it. Stop being so hard on yourself.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You are not immune to the forces of love and desire, in fact, you've written the book on the stuff, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're an expert. In fact, days like today make you feel like you're so far from being an expert that you feel relatively inexperienced when it comes to love, passion, and desire.

As a Scorpio, you believe it's your birthright to have it all, as you will it so...and yet, things haven't really worked out according to the stereotypes. All that lusty Scorpio passion seems to be restricted to a horoscope, rather than to a real person's life — a life such as yours. With Venus in Pisces, you'll be handed the mirror to your love life, and what you'll see are loneliness and longing. Will it ever end? One thing is for sure, this day will. Be happy, Scorpio.

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