3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Rough Horoscope On April 1, 2022

3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Rough Horoscope On April 1, 2022

Let's not even bother with shouts of "April Fools!" Yes, it's April 1, and for some zodiac signs who have a rough day, the idea of being pranked or fooled is just another bother on top of the one that's going strong already.

Here we are, the first day of April, in Aries, in the New Moon in Aries, and what do we get for our troubles? Headaches. How very Aries of us.

On this day, we will be entertaining the likes of Moon sextile Mars as well as Moon sextile Saturn.

With our New Moon in Aries, as mentioned, we will be slaves to our emotions. We may feel so strongly about something on this day that we'll practically get ourselves run over, trying to make it happen.

While we might be all about positivity and the right effort, we may just end up getting in trouble for all we put into that effort.

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Moon sextile Mars sets us up with a love of the truth and the pursuit of authenticity. That's where things screw up; we will seek and we will find, but what we find may not be to our liking. It may feel like a kick in the pants, too, because we really do start out this day with great intentions.

Because we are in the heart of Aries season, everything is going to feel 'extra.' That means, if we feel like we've been suddenly caught up in some great failure, it's going to feel like we've hit rock bottom...and the transits that accompany this day are going to keep that kind of polarization going strong.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On April 1, 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Keeping the peace is what your day is going to be dedicated to. You'll find that as soon as you start to get involved with anything — especially work — you'll be the one people turn to, to get things settled and in order.

It's funny because you don't ever think of yourself as the peacemaker, nor do you find that you are particularly skillful at negotiations or putting things in order. Yet, the New Moon in Aries sees you as the 'go-to' person.

If it were any other day, you might think of this as a challenge that could potentially bring you esteem, but it's the end of the week and all you really want is to start the weekend.

You are fully committed to doing your part, but you really don't want to be the diplomat who ends the war at the workplace. You'll be wondering why you were chosen, and your day will be filled with the statement, "Why me?"

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Well, it's Friday, and it's the New Moon in Aries. Sounds powerful — or does it? What you'll notice going on today is that while everything seems to be running smoothly like a well-oiled machine, it all seems to be going well for everyone but you.

You've got something very specific in mind today, and you'll be spending a lot of time wondering why you seem to be the one who is left out of the picture.

If everything is running so well, and all seems to be in order, then why are your needs going without attention?

You've got a case of Moon sextile Saturn, and it's upsetting your day. If you are waiting for some kind of acknowledgment of your good, hard work, then today is the day you'll be waiting for it to happen. You will also notice that it never does come. April 1 has played a joke on you, Virgo — one you seriously don't appreciate.

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3. Scorpio

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You will be at the beck and call of someone who is your superior today. While this is par for the course, and you are used to serving this person in one manner or another, you'll find yourself feeling a little too subservient and you'll end up resenting your position.

This may bring on feelings of doubt and uneasiness, as you start to ponder your life and your decision-making skills. Why did you say yes to this position, and how do you now get out of it?

While you love your work and plan on sticking with it because it truly is your passion, on this day, you will start to wonder why you have stayed with this person, and why you continue to take their pushiness, day in and day out.

This first day of April may just end up with you choosing a new profession, as it seems you may have just tired of the old one.

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