3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love They Can't Have During Moon Sextile Saturn Starting March 24, 2022

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zodiac signs want love can't have during moon sextile Saturn

Who hasn't been in the position of wanting a person they can't have? We all have experienced this strange phenomenon where the heart falls hard for a person but the love is not reciprocated.

Thursday, March 24, 2022 brings us an interesting transit: Moon in Capricorn sextile Saturn, and this astrology forecast hits hard in the feels department. We are shown our limits today, and though we may not want to believe in those limits, we will be confronted with them anyway.

This goes doubly so for those of us who want the love of a person who will simply not love us in return.

Inaccessible love is quite the lure; we've all been there before — wanting someone we can't have because we can't have them.

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It's as if we are programmed to create scenarios of rich romance in our minds to compensate for what we can never have. We soothe ourselves with romantic fantasies because admitting that we will never have that person is too much to deal with.

During Moon sextile Saturn, it's hard to accept that we can't have what we want, and in love, it's even worse. Yet, this transit brings it up close and personal, and the truth will be revealed.

So, when the Moon transits Capricorn and speaks to Saturn, it's tough for these individuals.

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The three zodiac signs who want love that they can't have starting Thursday, March 24, 2022:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Because you spend a lot of time living in the past, you still believe that the love you once found exists as a promise in the future. You haven't let go, and it's as if you are willfully ignorant about the love that doesn't want you in their life. You won't accept it. You cannot accept that this person moved on a long time ago.

You believe they are still there with you, in body, mind, and soul, and to think that they want nothing to do with you, even though they have a totally new life built without you anywhere in it. Moon sextile Saturn shines a light on this hopeless love situation, and while it hurts to look, it won't change anything. You must learn to grow in this situation and move on.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

There's a good reason you can't get the love you want, and it's because you set it up that way. Why bother dealing with real people when they are such a guaranteed disappointment? You know this, and during Moon sextile Saturn, you feel even more powerful in your decision to love those you cannot have.

You've created a strangely wonderful situation for yourself that a non-Sagittarius would never understand. And that is that you consciously choose to love someone you can't have because you want to spare yourself the humiliation of being hurt, abused, betrayed, lied to, and all of the other lovely things that human beings do to each other when they supposedly 'love' one another.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You love someone who will never be good for you. And — they are your partner. How ironic. So, you are with someone who will never love you the way you love them. And this is your life. Moon sextile Saturn drives the point home, yet what will you do about such a predicament? Nothing. It is what it is, right?

You'd like to think that maybe one day this person will change and come around to see what a fantastic prize you are, and yet, you have no real hope that they will. So, you love someone who won't love you the way you want to be loved, and that's the end of that game. Moon sextile Saturn lets you know your limits.

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