3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationship Falls Apart During Moon Trine Mars Starting February 7, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationship Falls Apart During Moon Trine Mars Starting February 7, 2022

Moon trine Mars is a stimulant transit that almost guarantees we'll be overthinking things to the point of anger. We won't be able to simply 'let go' of thought; instead, we will be rolling that thought around in our mind ceaselessly, with the hopes that we can somehow make sense of it.

Anxiety is tough to control; it's not simply 'overthinking'; it's problematic nervousness. When it comes on — it's a total mental takeover. Moon trine Mars supports anxiety, which is not a very nice thing to think about.

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And so, certain signs of the Zodiac will pick up on this nasty little bug and make it into our world, at least for the day.

This transit won't last long, but it's not leaving until it sees heads rolling. Relationships are doomed, and if one's love life is on the line, this transit will see it to the finish.

3 zodiac signs whose relationship falls apart during moon trine Mars starting February 7, 2022:


(June 21 - July 22)

You are walking on thin ice when it comes to your relationship, Cancer. Things have developed; they are no longer as 'friendly' as they used to be, and this either has to change for the better, or it has to hit the road, Jack. Unfortunately, Moon trine Mars is not on your side.

If you want to combat this transit's influence, then get to it — do no dawdle on this topic. Your relationship is on the brink of disaster. If your partner isn't on board with mending things, and you don't feel the desire to be the savior of the romance, then you will watch it fall into complete ruin. Are you up for ending the relationship? Because to do nothing about it is as good as ending it.

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(August 23 - September 22)

At this point in your relationship, you have lost faith altogether. You have put in request after request for this person to change. You've asked kindly and you've asked roughly and what you've concluded is that this person — your partner — has zero interest in anything you have to say.

They are not hostile or aggressive. In fact, this person read to you in the same way a dead body would read: nothing, nada, zip. They are not even here anymore, even though they are sitting next to you.

They've gone into potato mode where the only thing they can prove is that they are now a boiled potato, in terms of charm and wit. Moon trine Mars lets you see that this relationship of yours is on its way to the dumps.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You knew this day would come, and lo and behold, it's here: the day where things look sour and old in the relationship. Although, you have to admit, you signed on for this thinking it would be nonstop fun and adoring love ... yes, you knew that was a foolish stance to take, but why else get involved with someone?

You're not the person who wants to 'be there through thick and thin' because that sounds like too much work, and you don't want to work for a relationship; you just want it to be good — no questions asked. But, alas, Moon trine Mars brings out in you a hostile attitude towards love, and your own passion, in particular. You won't start fights, but you'll indeed be walking out the door.

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