3 Zodiac Signs Who Find A Lost Love When Mercury Retrograde Ends February 3, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Find A Lost Love When Mercury Retrograde Ends February 3, 2022

Now that we're finally free of Mercury retrograde's backward-feeling pull, we may actually feel like our load is being lightened.

Burdens that seemed to have come out of nowhere are suddenly lifted.

Mercury Direct is no Joker. This transit is here to relieve us. It's like we've been 'on duty' for a long time and now the backup worker is here to take over so that we can get a rest in.

What this also means for us is that we're thinking clearer now that we aren't dealing with retrograde motion. 

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We are able to progress without obstacles constantly getting in our way; we are able to see clearly again and to perhaps see things we didn't see during the retrograde. 

This is when we hear from old friends, as well as lovers from our 'ancient' past.

Ah, the good old days. If we sway towards this kind of thinking, we will start to remember what exactly was good about the good old days. 

We might even discover that there was someone in our good old past that is worth 're-discovering' again. Someone like a lost love. Mercury direct makes finding a lost love possible again.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Find A Lost Love During Mercury Direct Starting February 3, 2022:


(May 21 - June 20)

You don't even know if you can trust this new feeling, but for some odd reason, aka Mercury direct, you are finally starting to think clearly again. 

And what comes up in this newly found clarity? Ideas of someone from your past, someone that really brought happiness into your life. 

You might even go so far as to think this person became a 'lost love' of yours, someone you may never get to see again. 

But...is this true? Mercury direct has you thinking that things are now possible even things that seemed impossible only a day ago. 

Do not be surprised if your focus on this person of the past suddenly manifests as a reunion of sorts. Anything is possible right now, Gemini. Stay positive and keep that focus going.

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(October 23 - November 21)

What's clear to you is that you're not the only one in your life who is feeling that sense of relief that comes with Mercury going direct after a retrograde season. 

This will show up in your life as someone you care for, someone from the distant past coming back into your life in one way or another. 

That doesn't mean a romantic communion is on its way, but it does mean that someone from your past is about to enter your orbit and shake you up a bit. 

It's all in the mind with this one, Scorpio, meaning how you react to this lost love of yours will depend on how you perceive this person's reappearance. 

Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? The stars suggest that you stay open...just in case, it's a GREAT thing.

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(November 22 - December 21)

During Mercury direct, you will bring back into your life someone that you once thought was gone forever. 

Time takes its toll on all sorts of relationships. Someone who might have once been your very good friend may have fallen to the wayside as the years went by, and yet, they seem to be back in your line of vision, once more. 

What will you do, Sagittarius? You love those special 'eternal' friendships. You adore those magical romantic journeys with someone who can really and truly understand you. This person, this 'lost love', they are coming back. 

The retrograde is no longer in the way of this reunion. Check your romantic nature before diving back in, Sagittarius, as you always take things way too far. Be careful with this one.

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