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These 5 Zodiac Signs Stay Hung-Up On Their First Love, According To Astrology

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These 5 Zodiac Signs Can't Get Over Their First Ex

Some zodiac signs fall in love and when they do they fall hardest the first time. Their horoscopes are tenderly placed in certain ways that, according to astrology, a broken heart is harder to heal than most. So, when it's the first time they fall in love, it can also be their last time. 

You never forget your first real relationship.

A first love represents a time in our life - usually in our youth - full of joy. Even if the relationship ends in heartbreak, the person who shared those moments still hold a special place in your heart.

Instead of your first love being a happy memory to look back on though, do you find yourself constantly reminiscing to the point of stopping yourself from moving forward in life?

If so, then I hate to break it to you, but you're still hung-up on your first love. 

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OK. So, if you recently broke up with that person, it's totally understandable that it would be harder to get over him or her. However, if it has been years since the two of you were together, then it's time to do some serious soul-searching. 

Do you miss them because of how they made you feel? Has dating been so rough - as we all know it can be - that your bitter frustration alone has left you so nostalgic for the past?

First loves are special.

It's the first time in our lives that we are carrying these intense feelings for someone else. These are all new emotions, and it's exciting and wonderful. Every kiss is magic and the energy between the two of you was unlike anything you've ever felt before.

If you are a romantic at heart, then you're more inclined to view first loves with a higher standard than most.

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Rather than simply a stage or moment in your life, you view a first love as the epitome of love. Nothing will ever be as good. 

If nothing will ever compare, then that means you're also likely to fall into a pattern of remaining hung-up on that first love. 

Read below to see if you're one of the hopelessly devoted zodiac signs in astrology that can't seem to get over that first love and why you feel the way you do, so that hopefully it will help you move on in order to meet your next great love. 

1. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

A Taurus is known as a romantic zodiac sign, but that's not the only reason this horoscope sign can't let go. You are sensual and devoted, which means that you embodied those traits more powerfully with your first love, making it that much harder to forget that special someone. You're also stubborn and uncompromising, especially when it comes to love. If you want to be with your first love, no one else will do, no matter how wonderful any new person in your life may be. 

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2. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

As a very sentimental sign of the zodiac, you definitely have a more romanticized view of the world around you, including how you view love. A first love is special, and you really respond to not only the feelings that come with being in love for the first time, but also the idea of a first love. Even if that person really wasn't so great, they hold a special place in your heart because the title is sentimental and holds value. You also become very attached to the people in your life, which obviously makes you prone to staying hung-up on someone. You're not a fan of strangers either, so the idea of meeting new people makes you cringe . You'd rather be with someone you already know and feel comfortable with.

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3. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leos are passionate, and we all know that a first love is filled with an abundance of passion. You're young, in love, and can't keep your hands off each other. This is Heaven for you, the ever-passionate Leo, which means when other relationships don't come close to the passion you had in your first love, you find yourself missing him or her. You also have a hard time facing a difficult reality, and one of the harsh realities of life is that we don't always get to spend the rest of our lives with our first love. This a hard message for you to comprehend. The romantic in you won't accept it and believes that the two of you belong together.

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4. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

As a Scorpio, you are another very passionate zodiac sign, which makes you quite the romantic at heart. You live to express and experience emotion, so you enjoy being in love. Even though our first love isn't necessarily our only love, Scorpios are very distrusting of new people, making it that much harder for you to enter into new relationships. When you cannot easily get out of your comfort zone to try to connect with and date new people, you miss your first love all the more. Your first love was someone you already know and therefore, someone you can trust. 

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5. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces are very romantic, artistic and have a strong connection to music in particular. You can hear a certain song, and it immediately tugs at your heart, making you miss your first love. It doesn't even have to be a song that has a special meaning between the two of you; the melody alone can make you sentimental about the one the got away. Music may make you romantic and nostalgic for that first love of your life, but you are also fearful. The idea of falling in love with someone new - and the chance of losing love again - terrifies you. Because of this, you are less inclined to take chances and become closed off when it comes to dating. If you're not getting out in the dating world, then it's impossible to move on. 

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