3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On January 29, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On January 29, 2022

Today is the long-awaited moment we’ve been waiting for; Venus retrograde ends and she turns direct in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

When direct, Venus brings lessons and the ability to see who is truly meant to be a part of our journey and who is not.  

Venus is the planet that rules love, relationships, financial abundance, and even our homes.  

Currently, in Capricorn, she has been concerned about showing us what is stable and what we truly value. 

Since turning retrograde on December 18th she has been putting us through some intense lessons to help us discover our own truth and so that we can start making different decisions for our relationships. 

But now, after forty days and forty nights, she is turning direct.  

While it often takes a few days for a planet to operate normally once direct it can often come across as a sudden lifting of heavy energy and stress.  

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Now we have learned the lessons that this retrograde was meant to teach us.  

We have a better idea of what and who is truly valuable to us, which means those things and people that matter most and that really play a significant part in the life that we want to create and live.  

Only once we have learned the truth can we begin to operate from within it and that is what today’s astrology is all about.  

Supporting this momentous Venus retrograde phase ending we also are under the influence of the Venus-Uranus trine helping us make necessary changes as well as the Mercury-Pluto conjunction which will allow us to speak our truth and those feelings and thoughts that we’ve previously tried to avoid.  

It’s a powerful day for stark realizations and to begin to feel as if we are emerging from the darkness now ready to truly step into the light and the fate that was always ours as long as we chose it.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 29, 2022 


(December 22 - January 19) 

While the Moon will still be Sagittarius in the early hours when Venus officially turns direct, it will move into your sign shortly after providing a significant point of having both planets in your zodiac sign on this important day.

Later in the evening both actually form a conjunction with each other allowing them to combine energies and act as one which means that your awareness about your emotional world will be in sync with the choices that you make in your life, especially as they relate to love and relationships.

While Venus can affect so many things for us, it can't help but influence our relationships so today’s energy overall will have a very focused perspective. Interestingly, the Moon in your zodiac sign forms a conjunction with Mars and Venus today, the celestial lovers exactly twelve hours apart.

First, it will come into alignment with Mars during the morning hours helping us make decisions, plans and even take action on the truth of our hearts while in the evening with Venus it will help benefit those relationships that we’ve been reflecting on.

It’s truly a day to come into contact with your future and make the choice not to dwell in the past anymore. The universe is offering you some amazing opportunities, make sure you take them today.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Jupiter, the planet of abundance in all areas, dancing through your sign this year can’t help but bring improvements and his share of magical moments to your life. Today is no exception.

While Venus turning direct today brings awareness over those that feel like they are meant to be a part of your inner circle and those that aren’t strengthening your sense of community thanks to its transit of your eleventh house, the Moon’s sextile to Jupiter is really what will affect you positively today.

The Moon Jupiter sextile is simply an energy of saying yes. This means saying yes to growth, to healing, to possibilities, and to life. Thanks to Venus retrograde ending today there’s also a strong possibility that you will be saying yes to love as well.

It’s been a challenging period for you mostly as of late thanks to so much earth-orientated energy but now it feels as if things are beginning to lighten back up and romance is returning.

Take some time today to reflect on all that you learned, not just about the value of those who are truly worthy of being in your inner circle but also what you’ve learned about your own value. Saying yes to life begins with you saying yes to yourself. There is no more holding yourself back from the things that are meant for you.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Though there isn’t a high level of Sagittarius energy at the moment, the big story of you today is that when Venus turns direct in the early morning hours it will be with the Moon still in your zodiac sign. This lights up your first and second houses which govern your sense of self, ego, and value.

Especially as a Sagittarius with Capricorn having been all over your second house lately issues of value are at the root of everything you’ve been moving through. This means that while career and finance have seemingly taken front and center in your own life, there are other areas that have suffered.

Today is the beginning of that realization for you and the truth of whether or not you’re truly living the life that you want to or whether you’re simply just living the one that is the easiest. When you wake this morning there may be a feeling of being unsettled or of even regret as it feels like you’re suddenly aware of what the past forty days and forty nights have represented for you.

Think about what has been lacking or what you’ve been limiting during that time and whether or not you were placing priority on what means the most to you in your life. If it still feels like you’re moving through this, ask yourself if you had everything removed in your life right now, what will feel like the biggest loss? Would it be your job? Your friends? Family? Romantic partner?

This is the basis of truth for you to build on as you move forward and remember it’s never too late to make a change unless, of course, you choose to do nothing.  

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