The Zodiac Signs Who Never Regret Their Decisions, Ranked


Zodiac Sign Never Regret

Having no regrets is FUN —  just ask these zodiac signs.

When you dated the bad boy you knew you should never have dated, but he was so good looking, how could you say no? The time you had a complicated relationship that lacked compatibility but the passion was hot.

Hey, you loved and lost and wasn't it better than to never love at all?



If you could live your whole life worrying about the consequences of every move you make or enjoying being in the moment and having a blast, which one would you choose, honestly?

I know I make it sound bad to have regrets in life, but some of your best memories were probably during times when you didn't care about anything besides enjoying life, the people you were with, and whatever you were doing, right?

So WHY NOT live a life free of regret?!

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Just like feeling worthless or embarrassed, only YOU can make yourself feel regret for something. And if you just don't give a damn about what people think, then technically you never have to regret a thing in your life.


But really, when you think back to your past and all the things you did, you might feel a little regret about doing something that wasn't very smart, but chances are you got a good story out of it, too, no matter how much you regretted it.

Of course, we can't all have this way of thinking the way of thinking that if you refuse to feel regret then you won't regret anything because we don't all think the same. Some of us are going to be able to shrug off any situation or memory that we might have regret in the past.

But a lot of us are going to hold onto regrets and use them as a way to make better decisions in the future.

I feel like I should reiterate that there is nothing wrong with having regrets.


What is wrong is letting them define your present and your future, and make it harder for you to enjoy your life because you're afraid of making the same mistake twice.

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone still goes on with her life afterward, so it's still important to not take life so hard.



You will have regrets, but you will also have a chance to laugh about it later with friends and use it as a way to help someone else not make this a mistake you did. But even if all you get out of it is an embarrassing story, regrets are just that, a story.

Take the zodiac signs, for example. Some of them are very outgoing and always willing to try new things, and these are the signs that tend to not regrets as much as the other signs. 

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These other signs are the ones who are more in a little bowl and critical of themselves, and sometimes they can't help but to regret some of the decisions they've made.

But whether you believe in astrology or read your daily horoscope, you just think of it as a fun way to describe your personality, it's still interesting to know which zodiac signs have no regrets and which ones regret everything.

So keep reading to find out which zodiac signs are most to least likely to regret nothing in their life, according to astrology:

1SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

sagittarius zodiac signs never regret

If anyone is the personification of #YOLO, it’s Sagittarius. She tends to fly by the seat of her pants in most situations, but that’s what makes it so much fun, right?

She knows that the less you think about a decision and the more you start saying yes to things, the better memories you’re going to make – and that goes for just about everything.

Sagittarius is the type of person to get a crappy tattoo and love it more than all her other professionally-done ones or get a black eye trying to do something drunk and post it all over social media.

Not everything you do in life has to be prim and proper, and Sagittarius is the poster child for this way of thinking. All she cares about is having a good time and if something goes wrong, that’s just a better ending to her original story.

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2AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius zodiac signs never regret

Aquarius is always the first one to volunteer herself to try something new, fun, or downright stupid. She would rather make a fool of herself and get a good story out of it than not take risks at all.

This mindset means she pretty much never regrets anything she does in life. Plus, she believes that you have to try something at least once before you can pass judgment on it.

Aquarius also knows that making dumb memories is SO much more fun than sitting at home scrolling through Facebook as they make dumb memories. You might roll your eyes seeing all the pictures and videos your online friends post, but you have to admit that stupid can sometimes be fun.

Aquarius is convinced that regretting nothing in life makes it that much more exciting (and she’s right).

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3ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

aries zodiac signs never regret

Aries regrets nothing because she’s too unafraid to regret anything. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her because she knows that people only care about what others do when they’re either jealous or bored with their own life.

So when Aries says she has no regrets, she’s saying it because she’s intent on enjoying her life.

Aries is pretty brave and will do things that not everyone will do, usually because they’re self-conscious or nervous of the consequences.

Using a beer bong for the first time and puking on her friend’s couch? No regrets. Dancing on a table at the club and flashing the crowd? Nope, still no regrets.

Aries is definitely fun, but the fact that she also doesn’t care makes her even cooler.

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4GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

gemini zodiac signs never regret

Gemini is one of the most curious signs and will often go out of her way to satisfy her curiosity, even if it gets her in trouble.

Of course, her inquisitive nature means she’s always looking for the next place to explore or weird food to try, so regret isn’t in her vocabulary; you have to stop and think about your actions to feel regret, right? And Gemini is not that type of person.

She loves to explore and have fun, and what she loves even more is exploring and having fun with her best friends. When she’s with her friends, she becomes a little more uninhibited, meaning she’s more likely to make decisions that would be regrettable if she weren’t Gemini.

But to her, all she sees is something to laugh about later with her BFFs.

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5SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

scorpio zodiac signs never regret

Scorpio doesn’t often regret things she’s done in life because she does so many things that could be considered regrettable that she doesn’t even care anymore. She can be pretty impulsive at times, which means she’s most likely going to take you up on your offer to try something stupid, even if you were just joking about it.

Scorpio is also very bold, which means that even when she’s not being impulsive, she is brave enough to take risks that her friends wouldn’t be up to taking themselves.

Not only does this make her a bad ass in her friends’ eyes, but now she can say she did something totally different and a little crazy – all without a hint of regret.

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6LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

leo zodiac signs never regret

Leo is all about fun and will do ANYTHING without regret, as long as she’s having fun in the process.

She doesn’t want to do something stupid just for the hell of it (she’s not a very thoughtless person), but if she knows that it’ll make good Instagram story material for the weekend or give her something to talk about at the next party she goes to, she’ll think, “Why not?!”

When Leo does something that could be considered regretful later on (to some, at least), it’s imperative that she can do it with a smile on her face. She might be into the fun of it all, but if it’s going to make her look stupid, she’s out. The decision to do something can be dumb, but if there’s a chance she can’t save face, count her OUT.

Embarrassing herself is not something Leo signed up for.

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7LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

libra zodiac signs never regret

With Libra, it definitely depends on the situation she's in and the people she's with. Libra is one of those people who doesn't want to have fun in the moment and then regret it all later because of the consequences.

To her, regret can be seriously embarrassing, but she is easily persuaded by her friends (many of whom really don't regret anything) so she still gets sucked into their fun.

The reason why Libra sometimes does regret things is because she always has to weigh the pros and cons of her every move. She might be conflicted, especially if the thing she wants to do seems fun and exciting, if not a little dumb, but she still has to think if it's going to be worth it, or if she's going to end up hating herself later.

If you're feeling adventurous, you might want to think twice about inviting Libra, especially if what you're doing will get you into some trouble.

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8TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

taurus zodiac signs never regret

Taurus is a very thoughtful sign, which means that she basically thinks about everything before she does it. She is not an impulsive person because she doesn't feel that she can justify any erratic or spontaneous behavior. Instead, she would rather think about something before she does it because she knows that if she doesn't, chances are pretty good that she will regret it later on.

It's not so much that Taurus is trying to protect herself from for regretting anything, but rather that she knows what regret feels like. She has made mistakes in her past that she wishes she could take back, so she tries to be smart about her decisions.

Of course, when she tries not to regret anything, she's really just overthinking it, which ends up leading to regret anyway.

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9CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

cancer zodiac signs never regret

Cancer can often be regretful, but for a very strange reason. She is sometimes a suspicious person and when she feels like she's being coerced by her friends to do something dumb or if she feels like she's having too good a time, she can end up regretting going out in the first place.

It's almost as if Cancer regrets letting her hair down when she should just enjoy having fun.

Of course, her mind doesn't work that way and she convinces herself that it would have been better for her to not do something at all, instead of being talked into doing something she ends up regretting later on anyway.

This convoluted way of thinking is only something that Cancer can do, and it's her way of regretting pretty much everything she does.

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10PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

pisces zodiac signs never regret

Pisces likes to have fun, especially when she's with her friends, but she is also a very worrisome person. She might be out with friends at a party and worried that she should be home studying for a test a week from now, or she might be at home studying for her test and worrying that she should be out with her friends.

To Pisces, everything is a double-edged sword; she either goes out and regrets it or she stays home and regrets it. She can't have it both ways, but she definitely tries to anyway.

When she does regret something, which is often, she blames herself for making a stupid decision and beats herself up over nothing because that is what is most familiar to her.

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11VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

virgo zodiac signs never regret

Virgo overthinks literally everything. She could decide to take the bus to work and end up regretting it because she was five minutes late. Or she could end up driving to work and regret it because she had to pay for parking.

When it comes to Virgo, there really is no winning. Even if you tell her to relax and stop regretting every choice she makes, she will regret regretting something.

This constant overthinking and over analyzing everything in her life is a recipe for disaster, but it is almost impossible to tell Virgo what to do. She likes things how she likes and if that means regretting her decision because she thinks it will help her make smarter decisions in the future, then that is what Virgo was going to do.

It's better to let Virgo be herself instead of trying to change her, because it will only lead to more regret in her life, which is something she definitely doesn't need.

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12CAPRICORN (Dec 20 - Jan 19)

capricorn zodiac signs never regret

Capricorn is so critical of everything in her life that she tends to pick apart every little move and thoughts and decision that she has because it makes her feel better if she can account for and justify her actions.

You would think this constant criticism of herself would exhaust her or make her go crazy, but Capricorn actually likes having a little bit of regret in her life.

She feels like regrets makes her a stronger and smarter person, even if it means that she doesn't actually ever enjoy herself in the process. No offense to you Capricorn, but this Constant criticism exhausts me and I don't even know how your brain works to justify it all.

Instead of teaching yourself to basically regret everything in life, what you should be doing is teaching yourself to look forward to everything life has for you.

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