3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During Moon Conjunct Mercury Starting January 30, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During Moon Conjunct Mercury Starting January 30, 2022

Starting January 30, 2022, three zodiac signs who reconcile with an ex during Moon conjunct Mercury will have a lot to think about first. 

When we have a transit like Moon conjunct Mercury, we are looking at wanting to make sense of our lives. 

The way this transit works is in our thought processes. We want to rid ourselves of what doesn't work, and return to that which does, or seek out new ways to make ourselves feel content with what we have.

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This is the time when people do get back together with someone they once broke up with.

The special people in our lives are sometimes the people who bring us the harshest conflicts; and in love and romance, we tend to break up when conflict gets too hard. But what about the love that remains? For some zodiac signs, this becomes a real issue.

Because Mercury encourages talk, communication, connection, some of us are inspired to reach out to the people in our lives who once meant so much to us, but for one reason or another, are no longer there in our presence. This is the time for reconciliation.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With An Ex During Moon Conjunct Mercury on January 30, 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

A reconciliation with an ex is bound to come your way, Aries, but not as a permanent coupling; you want the friendship back. 

You both could be with new people now, and your desire to reconcile with your ex may not necessarily be about 'going all the way'. It may very well be about stoking the fires of what was so special, way back when during the time you were together. 

This specialness relies upon the actual friendship. What you did in bed was a past life, and no longer is part of the equation. Ah, but the friendship...now that was the good stuff, and if you think about it. 

It's what you want back in your life. Moon conjunction Mercury makes this a reality for you.



(April 20 - May 20)

You're about to reconcile with an ex, Taurus, and you're not going to believe how fast this happens. 

It's going to feel like thought made manifest; one day you'll be thinking of that person, and within minutes, practically, that person will somehow make themselves known to you. And...you'll jump. 

You know a good opportunity when you see one, and the way this person suddenly appears back in your life is a true sign that Moon conjunct Mercury is working for you. It's like 'ask and receive.' 

Will this reconciliation bring you all you want? Well, that remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: it's happening.

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(June 21 - July 22)

You may have been going over the idea of reconciling with your ex for many years now...and yet, you've always ended up convincing yourself that that would be a serious mistake. 

Still, here you are, thinking about them, and it seems like all the bad memories have faded somewhat, and what you're left with is the good stuff. 

Hmm. It's as if you can finally see past the dumpster fire that they turned into, and now, once again, they look like the hero of your romantic novel. Is this really a good idea, Cancer? Do you really want this person back in your life?

It would be silly to give you a warning against this, as you've been overthinking it for years...but you will do what you want to do.

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