Which Classic Romance Novel You Should Read Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s the season for romance novels!

Which Classic Romance Novel You Should Read Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you have a reading list? Reading is something that is so important to do. Some people will create a reading list before the new year and plan their options ahead. 

But anytime of the year is the perfect time to celebrate love by curling up with a good romance novel!

So, why not find own that matches your zodiac sign.

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Read books that challenge you to think beyond what you already know. Something about the love between the characters might work like magic and set your mood for a romance of your own! Or, at the very least, these books would definitely make you feel connected with the characters or the overall settings.

These books are specifically selected for you based on your horoscope sign, which reveals the kinds of things that excite you. Your personal astrology also tells us what your ideal love story looks like.

So, whereas a Sagittarius looks for a love with lots of adventure, the Pisces needs emotionally moving experiences. Even if you don't enjoy reading for yourself, if you have a teenager, there are some classic romance novels assigned to write reports about, and you can help because you know the details by having read the book, too. 


Based on this astrological knowledge, therefore, we have gathered the perfect classic romance for you. Let’s dive right in to find out what classic romance novel you should read, by zodiac sign.



I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

This coming-of-age novel is perfect for an innocent, fiery person such as you, Aries, who can totally relate to the protagonist, Cassandra.


Her journey from girlhood to womanhood and descent into love is truly heart-warming, as like an Aries, she really does not see it coming!

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Taurus, you are hardworking and resilient, just like our heroine, Jane! She goes through so much and ends up with the love of her life.


What else could you want? This is your ideal love story!


Emma by Jane Austen

Fun, sociable and vivacious, you can totally relate with Emma, Gemini! Like her, you also make a few blunders before you realize who you truly love.

This novel is entertaining and funny, just like your kind of love stories.



Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Our unnamed narrator and story’s heroine is much like you, Cancer: sweet, curious and a little insecure. But she finds love in her husband and her new home Manderley’s mysteries keep her alert.

As with any other water sign, you deeply appreciate mysteries that are related to love and romance. SO this is one romance novel you definitely should pick up, if you haven’t already!



The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Life is a big party for the Leo, which is why Jay Gatsby is either their ideal boyfriend or idol. Seriously, the way Jay goes after Daisy would impress any Leo and that’s saying a lot.

If you are a Leo and have been bored to death by other romance novels, give this one a chance… it would really appeal to your need for extravagance and passion!


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A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

This is technically a war story that has a heart-warming love story. The female protagonist is a nurse...need I say more as to why this is the perfect read for you, Virgo!?

The deep intimacy shared between the lead characters would move you. And you will be able to appreciate the beautiful simple yet powerful prose. So add this to your to-read list!



Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Being a true romantic, you dream of a Mr. Darcy for yourself: tall, dark, handsome AND rich! Joking...but you would really enjoy the passion between Darcy and Elizabeth and the latter’s witticism.

There’s also the matter of good manners and what is considered good manners, which, depending on how you view things, you might either find amusing or totally understandable! SO, pick this up, if you haven’t already!



Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

You look for depth and intensity in your relationships. That is why Catherine and Heathcliff’s passionate love story is your ideal love affair!

Without giving too much away, I know for a fact that you will love Catherine’s soliloquy where she describes her love for Heathcliff. That’s Scorpio love, right there!



The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Comedy, adventure and fantasy, this novel has all the elements that you would want in your ideal love story, my dear archer!

Buttercup and Westley’s love would seriously melt your heart and you will find yourself thoroughly enjoying this journey of a book. SO give it a try if you haven’t already!



Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

You are known for your sensible and reserved nature. That is why you can perfectly relate to one of the main characters, Elinor Dashwood, who is just as concerned about her family as you are.


Her love for Edward Ferrars and understated feelings will resonate with your sensibilities. So sit down with this classic this year!

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Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Growing up as a tomboy and living in gothic novels, Catherine sometimes lets her imagination get the best of her. But she is also refreshingly genuine and insightful and her romance with the equally sarcastic Henry Tilney is bound to delight you!


Also, you hate conforming and are a true rebel. And although it takes some time for our heroine to get in touch with her own individuality, she does end up realizing that she is not like the other shallow women around her.


Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare

For you, it can’t be true love without some pain! Therefore, Romeo and Juliet is the perfect romantic tragedy for you!


Like the main characters, you also feel like the world is against you and your lover. So this classic is the perfect romantic read for you.

Mehruba Chowdhury is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.