3 Zodiac Signs Who End Toxic Friendships During Moon Square Neptune Starting January 27, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who End Toxic Friendships During Moon Square Neptune Starting January 27, 2022

With Moon square Neptune as our main influence on this day, we expect to be withdrawn and introspective.

These are the times when we'd prefer to be by ourselves, simply because we feel we are the best company we can get at this point and we trust that if we take the time to nurture that feeling, we'll be able to balance ourselves out. It is important to heed to the influence of Moon square Neptune, as it can be both healing and revealing.

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Whenever a person wishes to be by themselves, it oftentimes goes as a misunderstood request; in other words, just because you want to be alone to think doesn't necessarily imply that you can't stand anyone in your life. 

It simply means that you wish to be on your own for a period of time.

What you can expect during Moon square Neptune is for that slight misunderstanding to turn into the beginning or the end of one or more friendships.

It's totally unfair and not what you wanted, but you may find that one of your friends cannot grasp the idea that you don't want to be with them on any particular day. Dramatic ego much? Yes, much.

3 Zodiac Signs Who End Toxic Friendships During Moon Square Neptune Starting January 27, 2022


(May 21 - June 20)

Moon square Neptune works on your sensitivities today, and this may end up with you feeling hyper defensive or just plain in need of some solid alone time.

You know yourself very well. If your body and mind are screaming for solitude, the last thing you need is for someone, a friend, to contest this state or worse: insist on 'cheering you up'. You don't need cheering up, nor do you need the help of another. 

You simply want to unwind on your own, and because the transits are placed 'just so' you'll manage to upset and insult a friend of yours who simply can't hack the idea of you NOT wanting to be with them so that you can be alone.

Their ego is so frail, that they may even give you the impression that they won't be there for you next time. *rolls eyes*

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(June 21 - July 22)

Because this transit is associated with feminine energy, your particular take on Moon square Neptune will be one that leads you to a female friend, only to find out that she wants nothing to do with you for some reason or another. Unfortunately, today is just not the day you can handle a negative request such as this one, and you may even dare to ask why.

You'll get a vague explanation from your friend which will leave you feeling nervous and on edge - you're not someone who takes 'incompletion' well, and this friend is about to walk away from you without ever telling you why.

Your saving grace today is your own mind and willpower: you wish for peace and you'll get it, even if your so-called friend decides to ghost you, out of nowhere.

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(February 19 - March 10)

One thing that you can expect to experience during Moon square Neptune is the feeling that everyone in your immediate space is about to turn on you. That's not paranoia, in fact, everyone you know seems to be in their own world, not caring about you at all.

You take this seriously and personally and that's your first mistake. Everyone, on this day, is in their head; it's just the nature of the transit, and it can affect friendships if we put too much importance on the little slights or inexcusable mini-insults.

People are just raw today, and in your immediate environment, it feels like everyone's in a bad mood. You'll argue with a friend and it will blow up and feel like it's going to end...but it's not. It's just the dramatic show of Moon square Neptune.

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