3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During Moon Squar Pluto Starting January 24, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During Moon Square Pluto Starting January 24, 2022

Transits like Moon square Pluto work on our sense of self-doubt and discrimination. During this transit, we're somewhat blinded by something we deem to be brilliant and wonderful when in reality, it's harmful and degrading to us.

This is exactly the kind of transit that makes people fall for the wrong person.

Maybe we just want something so badly that we project it on to the people who pass us by maybe we want to be in love with someone special, and because that doesn't happen at the time when we wish for it, instead of listening to our heart, we make up a story that tells us that 'everything is OK.'

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We fall for the wrong people because we want to fall. We don't really care who it is that we fall for. We just want to be included in the love games.

Anytime we have a Pluto transit, we can expect self-deceit or impulsive reactions. During Moon square Pluto, we will expertly convince ourselves that we're doing the right thing when we know deep inside that we're not.

We'll fall for the wrong person simply because they are there and we need someone to fill in that slot.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall For The Wrong Person During Moon Square Pluto on January 24, 2022:


(July 23 - August 22)

You are someone who is guilty of needing love, almost too much. You associate love with acceptance and approval, and your sign in particular is very needy when it comes to receiving such things.

IN order to get what you need, you'll project attributes on to another person that they do not necessarily have. You will trick yourself into thinking that this person really and truly loves and cares for you when in truth, they don't.

They may like you a helluva lot, but they're certainly not the person you're making them out to be.

Moon square Pluto really has you deceiving yourself, and you will wake from this delusion soon enough. But until then, know this: this 'great love' of yours? They are not your great love.

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(October 23 - November 21)

You're extremely intuitive, and so when you make a decision, you trust that your gut feeling is always right. After all, it's been there for you in the past, so why wouldn't it be here for you now?

Well, because Moon square Pluto likes to interfere with intuitive vibrations, and in this case, it will have you assuming things about your lover that do not necessarily exist, like, for instance, the belief that they love you.

While knowing the truth may be a real sting, it's better for you to live in the truth than in this strange deceptive state that you've put yourself in, Scorpio.

You will suffer self-delusion during Moon square Pluto and it will manifest as you falling for the wrong person.

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(February 19 - March 10)

You are especially sensitive during Moon square Pluto, as it works on your ability to see things clearly. You are consumed with fear these days, and it's spilling over to your judgment; you can't tell who is good or who is bad, and this becomes quite dangerous when you fall for someone whom you believe is the right person for you.

It's as if you're looking for one single trait that you can hook on to so that you can assume it's all perfect.

If this person of interest shows even the slightest sign of being interested in you, then you turn them into a celebrity and you fawn over them. They, on the other hand, have no idea why you feel this way, and this will lead to your own humiliation. Stay aware, and guard your heart, Pisces.

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