These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Known For Being Clingy In Relationships

Ummm... some personal space might be nice.

clingy zodiac signs

Ah, the age old dealbreaker, being CLINGY. Some people thrive on clingy partners, others feel like they are being suffocated from the first “Where are you?” text.

And then there are people who think they are clingy but actually aren’t, go you! Also there are the people who have no idea they are clingy, uh the WORST!

Whatever YOU may be, it is universally known that being clingy isn’t the best look to have in a relationship.


The clingy one is the crazy one, the paranoid one, the one who just loves wayyy more than the other person does.

But being clingy has a lot of other definitions too. 

You can be emotionally clingy or physically clingy. And you know things are bad when you are suspicious or violently clingy. (Watch out for those ones, that could be BAD.)



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Then you have the perfect level of clinginess. It’s true, you need a little bit of clinginess here and there in any relationship. It wouldn’t be a relationship without it, after all! 

The perfect level is when you are always on your toes about how you come off to the other person. 



It’s healthy to worry about if you are annoying and the only way to find out is to cling and nag until you find out! And hopefully your partner thinks it's endearing, rather than CRAZY!

Another way to know if you are clingy is to look to astrology. The stars reveal all when it comes to our personalities and our relationships, so peeking at your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about how you deal with your own coupledom.

So keep reading to find out which clingy zodiac signs just can't get ENOUGH of their relationships, and which ones have it just right. Because let's face it, the cute clingy is HARD to pull off, and only a few do!

1Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus clingy zodiac signs

Taurus is not only emotionally clingy, she is physically clingy as well. She is the cling wrap of the signs and she is NOT going anywhere.

She is extremely reliable so whenever you need her, or don’t need her, she is right around the corner. But she’s also overprotective, so she clings to make sure her boo is always in safe hands.

She tends to her partner like a gardener, she cares for him and makes sure he feels loved. And physical closeness is never a complaint because she lives for hugging and cuddling.

Touch is important to her, but her closeness may come off clingy to newcomers.

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2Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer clingy zodiac signs

Cancer is a deeply emotional sign. But she is also sympathetic and shows sympathy by becoming attached to the people around her.

Their emotions quickly become her emotions as well.

She’s also loyal, so no matter how intense the emotions get she will be there right by your side.

She is also known for her imagination. Which can get her in trouble sometimes. Her vivid imagination can make her suspicious, insecure, and manipulative and she will cling and obsess over the situation until she has all of her answers.

So be careful the next time you keep something from her. Her imagination will run rampant and you’ll be dealing with her sleuthin’ until she finds what you are hiding.

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3Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo clingy zodiac signs

Virgo is analytical and pays special attention to small details. This means that she worries A LOT. Almost to an unhealthy level.

Her clinginess isn’t annoying or threatening, but she does obsess over things that her partner may not even think is a problem.

She is also extremely critical of herself. Her beau could be the kindest, most wonderful human being on the earth and never think critical thoughts about her, but she will STILL think critically of herself.

She constantly thinks she is annoying and apologizes to her boyfriend which is the LEAST annoying level of clinginess, and she doesn’t even know it!

Virgo clings and it’s like the equivalent of a puppy begging for food. It’s cute and cuddly and the best type of clingy anyone could possess.

Go her! I wish I could perfect the art of clinginess like she does. So jeals.

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4Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio clingy zodiac signs

Scorpio is a pretty CHILL sign until you lie to her. She is all about the truth and facts so when you deprive her of those rights, she gets realllllly clingy.

I’m talking those glow in the dark stars that have been on your ceiling for twenty plus years, clingy. Ya, she’s clingy.

Again, she is a really chill sign. She is passionate about life and loves to make relationships that have meaning in her life. She is calm and cool but also fierce and dedicated. She is what all the signs wish they were. She is just that cool!

But she is not so cool when she is lied to. She breaks down and becomes jealous and distrusting and even violent. Ok, now I am scared. Watch out for this sign and keep the lying to a minimum, it could have disastrous effects.

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