3 Zodiac Signs Who Risk Everything For Love During Pallas At A Critical Degree Starting January 22, 2022

Think through this carefully.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Risk Everything For Love Starting January 22, 2022 pixabay via pexels.com

I always feel like I'm sitting on a throne at the Pantheon when I'm writing about Pallas at a critical degree.

I'm over there in the Zodiac Room with the rest of the psychic fortune tellers and in comes a messenger who tells me, "Hey lady! Goddess Pallas is at a critical degree. Those humans down there, they're going to risk it all. They're going to risk EVERYTHING!" Me, I only write down what the demigods tell me to.


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Astrologically, this is a pretty careless transit, and it is based on the Asteroid Pallas at a critical degree.

The truth is, this is a dangerous time for certain zodiac signs, and while caution will be tossed to the wind, repercussions, and consequences will be automatically set up, as well.

In other words, if you risk everything for love be prepared to sign on for that love...and know this: you should have thought it out first.

Risking it all for love? What a romantic notion. And, if you've been around for more than a year or two on Earth, you might even come to the conclusion that romantic notions are much more glamorous in novels than in real life.


Real-life, after all, comes with toenail clippings and snoring. You might want to think twice before you risk it all and sign on for a love life that you could end up regretting.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Risk Everything For Love During Pallas At A Critical Degree Starting January 22, 2022


(May 21 - June 20)

When it comes to getting what you want in love, you're flexible. This means you're prepared to do whatever it takes and deal with the consequences. If you decide that the person you love is actually worth the effort, then you'll do backflips to make them yours.

During Pallas at a critical degree, you'll do the math: If this works, and that works, then all of it works! Hey, that was one simple equation.


Alas, you're not seeing the big picture, only the present vision that forms in your mind as perfect. You would risk everything, including house, home, and present lover, to be with the person you wish to be with.

You'll convince yourself that you are right, deserving, and honest with yourself. Might be fun, Gemini, but it might also be disastrous.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Your impulsive nature is going to react so intensely when Pallas at a critical degree hovers above, and it will drive you to make a decision that will alter your future.

There's a revolving door on your romantic life; you tire of one partner and show them the exit sign. You can't move them out fast enough, and you cover your bases by falling in love with someone else.


While in love with a new person, you decide that you'll do anything to be with them, including getting rid of your present mate.

Fast, fast, fast. You can't stand the drag time. You will easily risk everything you now have so that you can expedite your new love into place. With your replacement model in place, you answer Pallas at a critical degree's demand.

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(February 19 - March 10)

With Pallas at a critical degree, you'll be tempted to risk it all for someone you love. This transit will have you examining the pros and cons of the risk you're about to take, and in the end, you'll find that the pros outweigh the cons, giving you the green light to go go go.


Now, this may mean relocating, or it may mean leaving your job. You really do need to think this through, though Pallas at a critical degree has no room for thinkers.

This is all about impulsive moves, and the ability to own up to all you're about to lose. Can you really deal with this, Pisces? Because this love that you're about to fight for? It may not be worth it.

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