6 Impulsive Zodiac Signs Who Never Think Before They Act

Impulsive people act first and think later.

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Are you impulsive? Do you act before you consider all the consequences of your actions or do you speak without thinking first?

There are some advantages and disadvantages to being impulsive and it can affect the way you act. Impulsive people do everything from buying things they can’t afford to drinking too much. However, impulsive people are great at taking advantage of unexpected opportunities and are excellent at thinking on their feet.


Impulsive people tend to do things fast — they make speedy decisions, act quickly, and rarely take their time doing anything. With them, things are put into action by emotional and/or involuntary impulses.

But sometimes these impulses cause them to get into trouble. They say whatever comes into their head, not considering if it’s too harsh or blunt, and they can hurt people’s feelings. 

They also get involved with projects without looking at the pros and cons beforehand. Careful reasoning isn’t one of their qualities. They don’t look at the big picture or the long-range results.


Wondering if you're an impulsive person. As always, we can count on astrology and even your horoscope to determine the most impulsive zodiac signs.

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Is there anyone more impulsive than an Aries? The answer is no. An Aries will break up will someone impulsively and then massively regret it later. They're true adrenaline junkies and they love taking risks — it makes them feel truly alive.


They may fear thinking things through too careful because it might prevent them from doing something. Are they foolhardy? They can be, but they're also adventurous, brave, and full of life.

However, the downside to Aries' impulsiveness is that they tend to blurt things out and say whatever is on their mind, no matter the circumstances or if it only a momentary feeling. People can get hurt when an Aries is being brutally honest, even if the Aries isn't trying to be hurtful. If they would just take a moment to consider the possible negative consequences of their actions, they might be able to avoid some questionable activities and decisions.

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2. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)



We all know how Geminis can seem as if they have two personalities. Sometimes they're more cautious and restrained, but other times, they're reckless and foolhardy. They're not great at decision-making so they tend to spontaneously go all in without considering the pros and cons of a situation.

They can easily get bored, so they like to keep things hopping. It's hard for them to keep focused on one thing, so they tend to act impulsively. No matter what the outcome of an impulsive decision, Gemini will always be able to spin it and make it into a great story to tell at parties or other social events.

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3. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)



If a Sagittarius is feeling like the walls are closing around them, it's likely that they'll make a hasty, ill-advised decision and get out of the situation. They don't like to feel tied down or under stimulated, so they'll follow their impulses and go to a new location.

Sagittarius individuals are impatient and that can cause them to do things they know are likely to have negative consequences, but they don't care. Sagittarius can also be impulsive not only in what they do but what they say. They're also known to be tactless and thoughtless.

Still, if you can roll with the impulsivity, Sagittarius can take you places you might not ever visit and teach you about your own boundaries.

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4. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarians are extremely independent and they don't like to follow the paths of others. Aquarius can be impetuous and may make sudden and rash actions. Once an Aquarius individual makes up their mind, they will act quickly.

They tend to solve problems quickly as well, but they usually can find a way to rationalize their solution. An Aquarius is very likely to get involved with a project in order to show off their superior skills without considering the potential problems beforehand. They can be hot-headed and rash, like quitting a job before having another one lined-up. 


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5. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

There are times when Pisces doesn't think things out and makes a silly or irrational decision. They hate making decisions, so in order not to have the process drawn out any longer than necessary, they'll decide something.


However, don't count on Pisces sticking to it. If they realize they made a foolish decision, they'll backtrack or deny that they ever made it in the first place. Pisces may make a spontaneous promise that they can't keep, even if they wanted to, because they don't want to disappoint someone.

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6. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)



Libras do a lot of things on impulse. Libras are the type of zodiac sign who go into a store with one item and come out with ten. If something catches Libra's eye, then suddenly, they have to have it, even if it never occurred to them to want it before.

They like instant gratification. Who cares if they have a hangover the next day? If all their friends are having shots, then Libra wants one too. Or, they might get a fancy apartment and think they'll come up with the rent somehow. Libras like to make people happy and give gifts, but sometimes they go overboard without considering their ability to pay their credit card bill.

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