3 Zodiac Signs Who Start A Secret Affair During Moon In Virgo Starting January 21, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Start A Secret Affair During Moon in Virgo Starting January 21, 2022

With Moon in Virgo as our main influence on this day, January 21, 2022, we can expect to expand our interests.

What may have once seemed like an innocent connection with a person who is not our partner, may turn into the first moves that lead to what will later be known as a 'secret affair.'

The idea of clandestine meetings and secret love nests can be both terrifying, and terrific.

Not every person wants to risk getting caught, as this aspect is part of the deal. If you enter into a secret affair with someone, you have to be prepared to be found out about.

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Some find this way too scary an idea and never venture forth to find out...but there are those who wish to take that chance and throw caution to the wind.

We might think these folks to be full of hubris; how can they do this to their partner? Do they really think they can get away with this?

The more we judge, the more we show that we are jealous of their nerve. The Moon in Virgo brings out more than the start of secret affairs. It brings out vicarious living. Judge all you want, but know this - there's a part of you that wishes it was you that had the nerve of these signs below.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Start A Secret Affair During Moon in Virgo on January 21, 2022


(March 21 - April 19)

Always the most nervy of the zodiac signs, you don't even think twice when the Moon in Virgo stirs up the need to start a secret affair. You just dive right in, no problemo. While you love the idea of loyalty and devotion, you're also a slave to your whims, and you know it, Aries.

You go where your heart tells you to go, and you rarely fear consequences. Even if you do get caught, you'll scramble up some perfectly logical alibi, or, you'll simply lie.

You live to serve YOU, Aries, and if lust is your master during Moon in Virgo, then you'll take the chance and deal with the consequences later. Your version of living in the moment is both enviable and dangerous. Enjoy yourself while it lasts.

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(April 20 - May 20)

You really don't want to start a secret affair and now that you've said that to yourself about a million times in a row, you come to realize that you're going to get involved with someone other than your partner...today.

Moon in Virgo will have you analyzing the situation, assessing it for its worth, and in the long run, you will have no good reason other than that you want to be with this other 'secret' person. It's that simple. You're weak, and who cares?

You're really the only one judging yourself, but your guilt conscious may just get the better of you. Remember this about yourself, Taurus: one taste is all it takes before you blow your 'diet' altogether.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Cheating is no big deal for you. Of course there's no way you want to be found out about, but that's certainly not going to stop you from initiating a new affair with someone other than your long term mate. Face it, you're bored with your home situation; there's no challenge, no excitement, no sex...and, well, it's not so much that you want to start a secret affair because you want sex.

It's not the sex you care about. It's the attention paid to you. That's all you want. Someone to show you romance. A good time. Dinner out. A freaking movie. All you want is to NOT sit at home with the dud partner, night after night after night.

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