3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On January 23, 2022

Limitations and frustrations abound.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On January 23, 2022 Fatih Doğrul/pexels.com

Our biggest contender today, transit-wise is Moon trine Saturn, which always seems to put us in touch with just how limited we are.

We want more out of life, and as we put more and more effort into figuring things out. We come to certain conclusions: we are able to do this or that, and we are unable to do that or this...Moon trine Saturn is the transit that lets us believe that we are less than we are.


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It's a transit that warps our sense of self-confidence and leads us to believe that...maybe we're not as good as we once thought.

Now, that's a serious drag especially for the signs that really WANT to keep it in the light. This day is going to try the nerves of several of the signs. For those affected, we will feel like we can't do what we set out to do.

We will feel like we're not good enough, or that maybe we've been too pompous and arrogant in trying to get what we want out of life.

Because we also have Sun conjunct Mercury, we may express our feelings of doubt to those we believe will help us. It is a good day to reach out to friends for help, guidance, and love.


3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On January 23, 2022


(September 23 - October 22)

For you, the problems of the day begin at home. Your main concern is your domestic situation; something is going wrong and you feel like you're the only one who notices. Because no one else is speaking up, you start to think that maybe it's all in your mind. 

Maybe you're the problem? You consider this for a while, but you can't help but feel that whatever is the core of your relationship/family home issues, it must be discussed before it goes into the repression drawer with so many other unspoken problems.

You don't like collecting problems, and this day makes you feel like you need to air out that dirty laundry.


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(December 22 - January 19)

Today looks like it's going to be great, that is until that crazy little hitch in your plans takes over and knocks your interests to the side. Perhaps you're not meant to have a good day, you think, maybe it's just not your fate to be happy on this day.

This is the kind of thinking that will consume you today. You are prone to guilt, and it's become somewhat of a crutch for you. You take on guilt as a way to make yourself the pitiful character so that you don't come across as the bad guy. You're just 'the pitiful one' instead, and that makes you feel like you're getting away with it.


Self-pity is what your day is all about. "I didn't really need to get my way anyway. So there!"

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(January 20 - February 18)

We cannot possibly call this day a failure, but we can think of it as a day where you put too much energy into the wrong things. You are an overthinker, and today, that will become your downfall. Nothing serious will come of it, but your time will be wasted today, and it will be you who wastes it.


You have great ideas and great plans, but you also have great ways of foiling your own plans, and that will be put into play today in full force. You are in the way of experiencing the joy that was meant for you, on this day. And you will do it because you are being manipulated by Moon trine Saturn not your best bud today.

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