These Zodiac Signs Hoard The Most, Per Astrology

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Zodiac Signs Who Hoard Stuff, Per Astrology

When you work hard for what you have, naturally you want to make sure to keep it safe. Does this make you a hoarder or someone who just likes nice things that last?

You might even have several things you've collected over the years. From a t-shirt you had in high school that is sentimental and valuable by memory alone to the note your first significant other gave you tucked away in a box and placed in a closet.

Many of us, regardless of our zodiac sign can have a tendency to keep items for sentimental reasons, or just to have a small stockpile. 

The Mayo Clinic has Hoarding defined as "a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them". 

Real hoarding is an emotionally based medical condition. Just because you have piles of stuff in your garage doesn't make you a hoarder. 

Hoarding behavior becomes an issue when folks can no longer move and function in their home due to an emotional need to keep sometimes even trash. 

By zodiac sign, we can see there are some signs that have traits that may indicate a proclivity for actual hoarding. 

These signs may show early signs that never develop further, maybe in just a messy house with boxes of stuff they've collected over the years, hiding their stashes in closets and garages etc.

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That alone is not a problem though and all zodiac signs may like to annually or bi-annually reasses the things that may clutter up their environment over the course of a busy year. 

Many people even like to hold yard sales to pair it all down. Often people of all signs will be inclined to donate items they haven't used for a period of time.

For instance, I live by the rule if I haven't used something in roughly 12 months it's time to reconsider whether I still need it.  

There are some horoscope signs though that have a strong leaning to keeping everything they purchase or are given for decades, collecting dust and filling boxes, closets, storage units, on and under their beds, eventually flowing into their walking space. 

This certainly doesn't include items for survival and emergency situations and we all may tend to hold on to some items we consider sentimental and precious to us for the memories attached to them.

I have an actual hoarder in my family, an older relative, we had to use dumpsters to help them when they needed to move to a new area. There were even garbage bags of miss matched socks from decades of collecting them.

Their Sun sign is one of the ones to make this list but I won't say which one. 

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As you may see the line between keeping things that you enjoy and know you'll want to use at some point, regardless of how long you keep the items, and a senseless hoarder is not as fine as you may have initially thought.

These horoscope signs, however, if the right set of circumstances occur then hoarding could be the result, per astrology.

1. TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Taurus, you may need to keep control a bit on your desire to possess beautiful things. Even just the desire to spend money on purchases for pleasure, then letting them pile up. 

You may make purchases and never actually use the items. Or they may get used once maybe twice then tucked away somewhere for, just forever keeping.

After all, you bought them and you own them and you don't let go of what's yours as easily as some of the other signs. 

2. GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, you can let people go at the drop of the hat, moving quickly on to the next. When actual people are concerned you figure there are just so many and they are usually free that you can afford to drop them and find new excitement elsewhere. 

however when it comes to items, well they cost actual money and your shrewdness in that regard may prevent you from letting go of things easily. You may though, find yourself collecting large amounts of miscellaneous items in your living environment due to the persistent thought that maybe it will be useful later.

You may also find with your tendency to let go of so many people, you can surprisingly be rather sentimental regarding actual items you may connect to the individuals you moved on from, giving those things more regard than the person.

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3. CANCER (June 21-Jul 22)

Cancer, your such a caring and sentimental sign. That beautiful quality can sometimes lead to hoarding behaviors, you just may struggle to part with sentimental items. 

You may be able to attach sentimentality to most any type of item that you've been gifted with. You consider these items to be replacements at times for people you care for. 

An example could be a Losing a loved one, then instead of having, say an estate sale, you find yourself unable to part with their items. As a result you could take someone elses entire household of items into your own living space, and then never really finding a way to intergrade them cohesively. 

4. SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Scorpio, if you fall into hoarding tendencies it may just be from a disregard for spending time on organizing. You may consider other activities to hold sway over those general periods of restructuring the items you have accumulated. 

You may have many boxes of unpacked items or large stashes of obscure treasures such as all those lovely old books that you've always wanted to build a library for. You may put it off for another day then see those items usefulness becoming less and less relevant, and slowly just accumulating over time.

You can also be sentimental but that may only show in small items or specific larger pieces, say a beautiful furniture item, from people that were meaningful in your life. Those types of collections are not likely to belay an underlying issue though. 

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5. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, you have plenty of emotional depth and I don't think anyone would question that about you. This trait can develop in ways that can lead to hoarding tendencies. 

Those leanings could come about if you have had emotional wounds that are left unresolved for years, leading then to an inability to let go of the items you posses. 

It may be resulting from an internal attempt to regain some control over your belongings as a way to balance emotional situations that you have not felt control in. A kind of self-soothing behavior. 

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