3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 17, 2022

Only within the darkness can we find the light.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 17, 2022 Alohaflaminggo/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiac signs who will have a great day under the illumination of the Full Moon in Cancer tonight, starting January 17, 2022, and we are going to be asked to face our deepest truths and feelings so that we can emerge reborn and ready to step into our full power.  

Full Moons always have a way of shedding light on those things that we have tried to avoid or suppress and while this one is no different it will be more potent.  


To get an idea of what may be coming to fruition or awareness reflect back to the Cancer New Moon on July 9th because similar themes will be present, except this time it’s about having more of the story so that we can see the full picture and move ahead.  

Full Moons are a time to either reap the rewards of what seeds we planted at the time of the New Moon (July 9th) or to review and, with a better understanding, make an adaptation for what to change as we move forward. 

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During this time, we still have Venus in Rx though she is getting ready to turn direct in less than two weeks so many of the themes that we were meant to be working through during that time are now becoming clear.  


Mercury just turned retrograde which means we’re being guided to review past information with a new lens so that we can be guided to start planning for our future.  

And to top it off Uranus turns direct tomorrow in Taurus ending a period of review on how we approach change in our own lives.  

But the real defining factor of today’s astrology is that because there is a conjunction between the Sun and Pluto in Cap it positions Pluto opposite the Moon.  

This transit is often known for bringing about dark night of the soul moments.  

These are times in which we are suddenly guided through our own darkness. The truth of our feelings, actions, and the wounds that have been leading us during this time.  


Our feelings may boomerang around, and we might be confronted with something very different than what we had believed to be true.  

This is all part of our rebirth through and within the astrology of today, we have the chance to truly shed what is no longer in alignment with us or our purpose so that we can walk free and clear into the beautiful future that is waiting for us.  

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 17, 2022 


(June 21 - July 22) 

Your emotions are your power, they give your life and help guide you to be of great service and accomplish amazing things in this life. While this moon may be an emotional one, it’s also here to help you shed something that you’re still carrying.


This is a chance to find more grounding in your relationships and in your life. With Pluto and the Sun sitting in your seventh house forming an opposition to the Moon, this may be a time to see the truth of any relationship in your life in which there is not a reciprocal or balanced energy present.

This is thanks to Venus also hanging out in your seventh. The energy though should be something that feels welcomed as it will allow you to feel clearer hearted and as if you’re finally aware of who and what you should be putting time and energy into.

Anything that feels like a big decision today can wait a few more weeks, remember there is never any rush to the Universe’s plans, but for today it’s enough that you will finally be seeing the big picture, and all should be making sense.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

The Universe is gifting you with an opportunity for growth but only if you are brave enough to take it. Use the energy today to let go of trying to make something work that just isn’t. This may be a job position or even a relationship, but it’s clear that it’s something that no matter what you do or how you change what you do it ultimately doesn’t seem to make any difference.

There may be some surprise conversations and events as Uranus is close to this moon stationed to turn direct tomorrow, but they will be welcomed events because they will be able to help propel you into the next phase of your life. You have a tremendous ability to make things happen where others just can’t.

Just make sure that you’re using this to create things that will actually be able to give something back to you. Let go of that idea that you owe anyone anything and that somehow because of what you’ve gone through you don’t deserve the best that life has to offer.  


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(April 20 - May 20) 

Today’s astrology will feel incredibly auspicious to you as it seems you are on the verge of something big. With both your third house of communication and your ninth of spirituality being activated by the Cap and Cancer energy it’s about finding a greater balance in your own life.


This could also be the moon that you step into a greater commitment in your relationship or even meet someone who ends up having a profound effect on your life as the ninth house often represents a second life partner coming in. You are in a phase of massive changes and up-leveling thanks to Uranus moving through your sign as part of his current seven-year cycle.

Tomorrow this planet turns directly, bringing awareness about your attitude and actions towards change and inviting you to let go so that you can come into greater alignment with yourself. It's a great day to have many conversations in which past matters get cleared up and to look at where there has been resistance to change so that you can better release that which is not serving you.

As the nodes of the Moon change tomorrow for the next two years into Scorpio/Taurus, this is beginning a brand-new cycle for you, especially in relationships so it’s time to truly let the past be the past.  

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