3 Zodiac Signs Whose Family Stir Drama In Their Relationships During The Moon Opposite Saturn Starting January 18, 2022

Just nuts.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Family Stir Drama In Their Relationships During The Moon Opposite Saturn Starting January 18, 2022 SewCream/Shutterstock.com

There are many cosmic transits that can stir up drama, and Moon opposite Saturn is most definitely one of them.

Anytime we're dealing with Saturn, we can expect upsets and wild behavior. And when the Moon opposite Saturn is on the menu, we can add overthinking, taking it all too seriously, and making grand and offensive statements as part of the offerings.

If you've been passive-aggressive with your mate, you can expect that behavior to venture into the pure aggressive — no passivity required.


These are the days where it all goes to drama, and it's heavily influenced by family issues and how members of the family judge each other. That includes who they judge YOU and your choices, too.

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Expect accusations during this time, as well as having the finger pointed at you for things you've never done. Nobody is in their right mind during Moon opposite Saturn. Even after the drama is stirred up, nobody will take responsibility for their actions.

Zodiac Signs Whose Family Stir Drama In Their Relationships During The Moon Opposite Saturn Starting January 18, 2022:


(June 21 - July 22)


The last thing you need right now is turbulence coming from the family, especially when it's directed at you. You are the star of this show, as everyone in your family seems to feel at ease with putting you down, blaming you for the ruination of the world, and for your poor choices in romantic partners.

Moon opposite Saturn really stirs up the nerviness in others, and for some reason, they feel it's an open season when it comes to trodding upon your world and everything in it.

Your partner is completely on your side, but they, too, will find it hard to deal with your family. This is the kind of situation where you will be constantly asking your partner to forgive them, while explaining that, "it's just how they are." Call BS when you see it, Cancer. 

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(August 23 - September 22)

What's becoming obvious to you is that you can't stand your family, but should anyone dare to say one negative thing about them, you'd draw your sword and poise yourself for battle. And during Moon opposite Saturn you might hear a complaint usher from the lips of your partner, about your family.

You know they are right, but wow, does it ever rub you the wrong way to hear this from the person you are involved with. Give it a few seconds and you'll be chiming in right alongside them.

The thing is you can be faithful to your family, but every now and then you really owe yourself a good complaint session, and who better to share the wealth with than your partner? They are all ears (and perhaps a little smirk in there, as well.)


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(December 22 - January 19)

You are torn by family issues. Nobody likes your partner until they all focus on you and then your partner is just fine: it's you who is the problem.

It's as if nobody in your family is satisfied with just one dramatic scenario. They need to keep a multitude of theatrical scenes going, all at once.


Sometimes you're the star of their program, and sometimes it's your partner, and your partner is downright tired of being in this production number.

This may cause arguments at home. Moon opposite Saturn isn't 'happy' until everyone's tearing each other's throat out. Chaos rules in this Kingdom, and Drama is always Queen.

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