These 4 Sassy Zodiac Signs Looooove Drama

Drama drama DRAMA.

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Some people are born with sass. Just like some people are naturally born drama queens, while others are super serious, just in some people's bones.

People can be sassy for a lot of different reasons, but of all the people that I've come across that are total sass queens, it's usually because they don't get what they want.

Sometimes, people don't realize that they are sassy until somebody tells them that they are.


Of course, you could always figure out what your sign is and go from there; there are a few sassy zodiac signs who have got the snappiest attitudes of them all.

These astrological signs are usually incredibly high maintenance, meaning they need constant attention, and think the world revolves around them.


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Even if the world does revolve around them, like Aries, it can still get annoying having to cater to their egos all the time.

And when the signs are feeling really sassy, it's almost impossible to deal with them.

When you do have to deal with a sassy sign, you can do it one of two ways. You can either treat her like the total spoiled princess that she is or you can put on the top love act.


I always try to do the latter, but I don't know if it's just me or if they are sometimes incredibly manipulative.

Either way, these sassy signs don't take no for an answer, ever.

1ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

aries sassy zodiac signs

Aries is super sassy, whether she tries to be or not. She likes being the center of attention and with popularity, comes a little drama. She's definitely not at drama queen status, but she's close. 

Aries is sassy when it comes to having to deal with others. When she's out with friends or enjoying her weekend, she doesn't want to have to handle other people trying to bring her down.

She's mainly sassy out of necessity. 

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2GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

gemini sassy zodiac signs

Gemini is sassy when she doesn't get her way. She likes having everything work out in her favor, but because this obviously doesn't always happen, she can get a little sassy. 

Gemini doesn't always have a great handle on her emotions, so her sass just leads to drama. When her friends to ground her, she can turn into a drama queen. 

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3LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

leo sassy zodiac signs

Leo is the queen of sass, if there was ever a title for it. She likes being the center of attention and sometimes this attention can go straight to her head. 

Like Gemini, she is used to getting her way, which only spells out trouble for everyone around her. She can't help being over the top about her sass because to her, it's just Leo being Leo. 

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4SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

scorpio sassy zodiac signs

Scorpio hates being called sassy, but that is exactly what she is. She has a lot of opinions and likes to be right all the time, but when she's wrong, she can't deal with it. 

Scorpio often lets her emotions get the better of her, which is why her sass can turn unbearable fast. She needs to learn not to have every emotion she feels out loud, but until then, she's super sassy about everything. 

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