3 Zodiac Signs Who Want An Open Relationship During The Moon Trine Jupiter Starting January 15, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Want An Open Relationship During The Moon Trine Jupiter Starting January 15, 2022

Moon trine Jupiter works on our generous nature; it inspires us to be more open, and less judgmental. This is a very special transit when it comes to relationships, as it gives us insight as to what we might need, or what we might want to try in an effort to please everyone involved.

Anyone who has a degree of success in love and romance can tell you that it takes work, and compromise. It also takes respect and the ability to work with your partner's needs. If we truly love a person and wish for them to stay in our lives for the long haul, then we need to establish boundaries. 

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One of the things that comes up a lot in relationships is the idea of whether or not an open relationship can work are both parties on board with this idea? Is this something both partners desire or is this about pleasing only one of the two people? Being in an open relationship is all about rules and respect.

Not everyone can do it, nor does everyone want to be in an open relationship. However, many people opt for this, and they make it work.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Want An Open Relationship During The Moon Trine Jupiter Starting January 15, 2022


(March 21 - April 19)

If there is one reason alone for you to want to open your relationship up to the idea of bringing in other sexual partners, it's because you're tired of cheating on your mate and you no longer wish to be caught and made to feel guilty. You'd rather just open it up so that you don't have to feel that your sexual needs are depraved and wrong.

After all, your desires aren't wrong; you're just being you. Now, to convince your partner that this is a good thing. Will they go for it? If they have forgiven you for cheating on them, they might just be big enough to allow this in their lives. Knowing everything is above-board may inspire them to join in on the fun.

Moon trine Jupiter allows everyone involved to feel safe and in control.

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(September 23 - October 22)

You've never wanted anything other than an open relationship, and the only problem you've ever run into in this kind of scene is finding someone who agrees with this kind of lifestyle. Well, it seems you've found someone, and while it's never been talked about, you feel it's time to brooch the subject.

You'll be amazed at how into it your partner will be, as they've always been into it as well. What you both have on your side is a need to uphold the truth within the relationship. You may be one who can tell a tall tale, but when it comes to your partnership, you really want to live in the truth; no lies, no deceptions.

The more truths, the less chance of broken hearts. You will both agree to an open relationship during Moon trine Jupiter, as this transit supports expansion and growth.

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(January 20 - February 18)

You feel as though this life is to be lived, and if it means having more than one lover, then so be it. If you are in a committed relationship, that time may be at an end though the commitment to love will remain strong. To declare that your relationship is now 'open' is a statement to your partner saying that you trust them, and honor their individuality.

You respect them and you wish for the same respect in return. Moon trine Jupiter gives you the inspiration to take this to the next step in trust, in love, and with the intention that all experiences are worth having. Might as well live this life, Aquarius that's what you're here, after all.

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