3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 7, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 7, 2022

Today under quiet skies and the Pisces Moon we are given a quiet calm to reflect on the first week of the new year, and this is especially true for the three zodiac signs who will have a great day on January 7, 2022.

While many of us think of starting off the new year with a bang, determined to make good on all these ideas and promises that we have, this year looks a bit different.

Starting a new calendar year off with a retrograde that rarely occurs like Venus means that we are going to be going slower than we would if it wasn’t.

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It means that things are going to take longer to come together and that we are meant to not just go slowly but to be more reflective about how we got to this space that we’re in and where we also want to go from here.

The astrological skies are quiet today with no major transits or planetary alignments, even the moon isn’t changing zodiac signs today.

It’s quiet, but it’s quiet for a purpose.

Tomorrow Venus’s rebirth begins in the skies which means that we’re going to be beginning a brand-new cycle as well.

To have a new beginning though we first need to make peace with everything that has happened before. We need to understand the greater lessons and we need to be able to take the steps necessary to get us to that next level of life.

That is the gift the universe is giving us today.

With the Pisces Moon we will be able to feel everything without the filter of logic while the Cap Sun is going to help us make strategic plans forward.

And it’s quiet.

There’s nothing new coming up today because we are meant to sit with what is.

Today’s energy is good but quiet, not the day for going out or trying to meet new people.

Sit with things as they are, be honest in your own reflections, and then be ready tomorrow to start a brand-new chapter of living life very differently than you ever have before.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day January 7, 2022:


(February 19 - March 20)

Everything feels more hopeful lately and it’s because we are all under the Piscean spell right now. Get used to how things feel because this is what the vibe will be the majority of the year. Today for you gives you some peace in the rush of life lately.

Big things are coming and are likely here for you now thanks to Jupiter, but this isn’t just a one-time thing, this is how the year will feel and move so days like today are important to take advantage of. Because there are no big planetary transits today, the energy of Pisces and Cap will be felt even stronger as they are the two leading signs for the day.

While these two zodiac signs seem different, they actually complement each other in ways that will help you right now. You are a dreamer, a lover, and someone that always tends to see the world just a little better than it really is. This is one of your best traits, but it also means that you tend to get a little lost when you actually need to make things happen, this is where Cappy comes in handy today.

This combination of your emotions being embraced by your Piscean nature with the actions you take being fueled by Cap means there is success on the horizon.

Today would be best spent having some alone time or brainstorming ideas with those who are on a similar path as you. Make sure any plans you’re making are truly based on what feels good for you and you’ll be sure to make the most of this energy.

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(March 21 - April 19)

With the Moon moving through the final degrees of Pisces today as she prepares to enter your sign tomorrow you will find that your emotions are brought to the surface. This cusp of Pisces Aries energy is one that always serves you well.

The thing about today’s energy is that it may bring some surprising realizations to the surface. With Pisces ruling your twelfth house of the subconscious, it’s often the one when activated that you suddenly realize what your true feelings are about situations in your life or even people.

With Cap hitting your tenth house today, it also means that the feelings you hide from are also those that have a great deal to do with your purpose in your life. You are being invited to step into the spaces that you normally try to avoid today.

This is a gift as you can’t really create a life that you love if you don’t actually admit how you truly feel. Your emotional world is one that you’re not always comfortable with, but usually, on your journey, you tend to learn that there is a middle ground and balance that’s possible to achieve.

Today is one step closer in that direction. With the nodes of the moon changing soon you’re going to see both your second and eighth houses light up which represent what you value alongside secrets and transformation. This means that you are entering a two-year cycle of change where everything you’ve repressed now is being asked to be seen, today is just the beginning of this new adventure.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Life is about to get a lot more enjoyable and as someone who tends to swim in darker waters, it’s going to be a welcome change. You have so many positive aspects about your zodiac sign ranging from your intensity to being able to stand with people when they’re at their darkest hour, but it doesn’t always mean that it’s easy to be you.

So often in life, you end up forgetting about your needs or what it is you truly want. And because you are so skilled at being there for others when they’re going through something, you often don’t realize there’s a whole world that exists outside of the drudgery of being human.

But things are shifting for you this year. Changes aren’t just coming but are right on your doorstep. Pisces in your fifth house will be activated by Jupiter for the majority of the year meaning that you’re going to be getting more of what makes you feel good.

There will be a shift from letting all that isn’t working rule your mindset to making time for those things that fill you up instead. While you have walked through some darker moments later, this year is one that’s truly about happiness, joy, having fun, and making the most of this beautiful life-without feeling like there’s a cloud hanging over your head the whole time.

Today Cap hits your third house of communication so it’s a great day to have many conversations about all of this, or even just share your enthusiasm about this new chapter in your life that’s starting. Because it’s not just about making more time for what brings joy, but also making sure only those that bring that into your life are beside you on this part of your journey.

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