3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Their Relationship Problems During The Moon Sextile Saturn Starting December 31, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Their Relationship Problems During The Moon Sextile Saturn Starting December 31, 2021

If there's anything that Moon sextile Saturn represents, it's patience and vision.

There's a good reason that we're talking about overcoming relationship problems here, and that's because we're getting the ultimate assist Moon sextile Saturn.

For those who've endured hard times within the relationship, as we all do, certain zodiac signs will come to terms with the notion that while nothing is perfect in romance, it's not worth chucking to the curb.

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Are there couples that do not fight? Answer: no. We are human. We have egos, and we defend our egos. Silly?

Yes, but that's what we humans are. We are silly egomaniacs who always learn the hard way. But! That doesn't mean we don't learn.

And when we get together, to share love, start families, experience life, and we run into pitfalls. Some bail immediately, and some stick with it.

Starting December 31, we hit Moon sextile Saturn, and for this, we should be grateful because we don't have to end things with our partners.

We see the future and it looks good. We see the togetherness that, while imperfect is still wonderful and loving.

For some zodiac signs, the problems they experience in the relationship are put there simply for the purpose of overcoming them. After all, isn't that how we learn?

Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Their Relationship Problems During The Moon Sextile Saturn Starting December 31, 2021:


(April 20 - May 20)

Lo and behold! You have matured. In fact, you're not the same person you were only a year ago. As time goes by, you start to realize what requires patience, and being in a relationship is at the top of that list. Sure, you've had some rough and tumble arguments with your person in the past, you might have booked.

But the person you are with now is not someone you want to lose, although all it would take to lose them is to walk out the door.

But you're no longer that person because you see the future, and that is what Moon sextile Saturn wakes up in you; this positive outlook where things are diplomatically worked out for the both of you. Why bail when you can grow closer? Experiencing life together will make you grow closer, and that is a beautiful experience indeed.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Stability is your thing; always has been, and this is one of the reasons you're not about to rock the boat so hard that it capsizes. Do you have relationship problems? Yes, of course, you do. You and the rest of the world, and while some can't take the heat, you come with a built-in love-thermostat, which keeps your head cool at all times.

There is no way that you're going to let your problems grow larger than you are. You exist to conquer and overcome, and with the transit Moon sextile Saturn on your side, you'll notice that this scenario comes up, the one where there is some tension and a few cross words thrown at each other.

Is there a need to worry? No way. Your attitude is one of, "So what? We have issues. We'll work 'em out." You're walking into 2022 safe and secure, Cancer.

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(August 23 - September 22)

You figure your world is slightly different than other people's - and you'd be right, in terms of how you deal with relationship problems. You slug it out with the best of 'em. You do not literally, but verbally, definitely.

However, this means nothing to you. Fighting is what you do. It makes you feel alive and if someone interprets that as a negative, then let them. You really don't care what other people think of you in this regard.

Yes, there are problems in the relationship but that's just life, and you certainly have no problem overcoming whatever it is that comes your way. Are you disappointed in how things turned out in the relationship? Yes, you are, but welcome to the world, as they say. You'll stick it out because you don't see ending it as an option. More power to you, Virgo!

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